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"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa." Silvia Hartmann 

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Just wanted to send a Big Thank You. I been on your site for the last hour and a half and so enjoyed your words and your paintings a re INCREDIBLE! I am an artist of many things but relatively new to painting (something I thought I could never do).

Donna Dewberry showed me that was'nt so! And then I stumbled on to Bob and oh my I so want to do oils.... and you and this website have giving me such optimism that maybe, just maybe I could do one just close to what you have accomplished! Kudos! to you!

And also thank you so much for speaking up for Bob---I could not believe the rough-shod critisism that was on the web You Pegged It right on the Nose..... They are NOT artist,, they want all their rules and theories Just a bunch of FAKES... SHAME ON THEM! to put him down like that especially now since hes gone. anyway! He would be honored to see what you spoke.

and Best Regards!


Dear Silvia,

I had been suffering from anxiety for months now. I didn't know exactly what it was and couldn't put a name on it. I thought I was becoming suicidal and going crazy or just plain idiotic. I was reading an article I got to from Google, and it said stop googling. I didn't listen, and I am glad I didn't. I found your anxiety page, and read it.

The adrenaline made perfect sense. I was instantly cured of the thought that I was crazy. It makes perfect sense. Anxiety is cause by adrenaline, which is caused by stress and it builds up. Sooooo simple, but it has taken me soooo long to find this "answer" to what I was feeling. I had to take off before I could read the whole thing, but then went right back at it when I got home. I had already felt 80% better about my self my being. I did the exercise of putting my hands on my heart and tears flowed down my cheeks as I counted down from seven. I just can't tell you how positive just this one article affected me.


Deana Barnes

Dear Silvia

Thank you for your beautiful Season of Lights message, I love receiving your words of wisdom through the year.

With love Angie

Message: Silvia ,

you are a superb inspiration for many!

With many thanks from



Message: HI! There!

My Best and Hearty  Wishes to Dr Silvia Hartmann. You are doing a very good service to the needy. Just Keep it up.


Yours K.M.Muralidhar Sarma

Dear Silvia,

I just wanted to express my best wishes to you.

I was diagnosed with PTSD over 3 years ago. I haven't had any luck with therapist until I found EFT.  It has turned things around for me in a positive way. I'm also enjoying your wealth booster e-mails.



Message: Dear Silvia.

Thank you for creating EmoTrance.

The best to you.

Robert Eby


Dear great Dr Silvia

You are more than an angelic creature with such terrific
and wonderful and pure illumination and enlightenment.
Thanks for being between us and inside us. Thanks for
being in our lives.





Message: Dear Silvia....


Many blessings to you, Heaven above knows you deserve them....

You are a gift to humanity!


Best wishes




My main goals in life is to have physical, physiological, financial, relationship, emotional, mental and spiritual success beyond my most wildest of dreams ...

Silvia can you please pray for me with all your hearts, minds, bodies and soul....

God bless you "wonder woman"





Thank you for your inspiration as a healer.

Also, having studied just about every major abstract artist, I can honestly say that I loved your most recent works, especially dark ocean, festival explosion and my favorite, living outside the box!

It was lovely meeting Nicola and you at the April training and if you ever want to browse through a very large modern art book collection, drop me a line, I live just outside Lewes.


Message: Dear Silvia!

May you live long and prosper and continue to bless the world with your wisdom and insights.

Thank you for being you!



I am benefiting from your site, articles, downloads etc really excellent work





Thanks a lot for for generosity and for sharing your wisdom with us.

My best wishes

Irene from Santa Fe Argentina



Hello Dr Silvia my name is Natalia, I just visiting. Your site pictures loving me all.

Thanking you,




Liebe Frau Dr Hartmann,

vielen Dank fuer die wunderbare Zauberwelt - sie hat mir richtig das Herz geoeffnet!

Alles Liebe, Schoene und Gute fuer Sie,

Bernard Langhof



I love your creativity, it's just amazing what pours out of you!

Silvia M



Thank you for your wonderful book called Adventures in EFT. It is so much clearer than any other material. I shall now purchase your other books also.
Thank you for your wonderful work

George Jelinek



Thank you for writing Oceans Of Energy.




Hello, Dr. Hartmann,

Your work has been enlightening and educational to me, and for that I extend my deep gratitude. I also enjoy your art. I will gladly post a link to your website, it would be a pleasure to call attention to your site as I believe more people should know about what your books, etc.

Thank you and many blessings,



Dear Silvia,

I just wanted to say: thanks a million times for inspiring me to draw again- I'm so grateful to you, Silvia - a miracle!

Love and Light,



I received a copy of your book THE MAGICIAN in the mail yesterday. I am absolutely delighted with this wonderful book! I will always keep it close by for magic. The book cover is very magical within itself.

once again, thanks so much, you're the BEST, Starfields!

Love from Sage



I really appreciate every information that I was able to read in your site, thanks for inspiring me to make my life worth living for and for openning my mind into the world of magic.





Love the Book \"Die Zauberwelt\", simply awesome, wunderschoen.



I love your Bob Ross story! Thanks for sharing it.

Temple Terkildsen



Dear Silvia,

Thankyou for the fresh clarity and learning you have brought to a side of life that I was only half aware of, but now treasure. Project sanctuary is the source of never ending growth and development that I have craved. I can learn and explore more of life in an afternoon in sanctuary than I can in months at university.



Dear Silvia

I love your paintings. The Only Sunshine in particular, it says everything I need to say.




Dear Silvia,

I love your website!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with lots of love from



It was a pleasure to see the work that you do, keep going!

with blessings





About the Bob Ross articles: What a great story, a great many school teachers have a lot to answer for. So many of my students have had similar experiences. I would like to direct my web site readers to your articles.



I like your new site, very clear and well organized, lots of good stuff here.

Thank you!




Dear Dr Silvia

Thank you for incredibly generous offerings of your works + free downloads. I download everything, I study everything. One day I will be rich man + I will buy all your books.

Many thanks for you , many blessing




You are indeed an intriguing person. Keep up the great work....seasons Greetings



I just wanted to let you how much I enjoyed your website this evening. I stumbled upon while searching for red velvet fabric I am considering for a painting I am starting. My Spirit knows your essence.

Thank you again for sharing your gifts.



Dear Starfields,

I'm very excited to have found you, I have spend HOURS on your fabulous site! I read the poems and love them, love the art, love the fairy tales - love the things you do!

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful work with the world,

All good things to you,




Dr. Hartman,

My name is Meredith and I found your website while searching for images of horses. Your golden horse image is beautiful. It captured me. I am starting a program to help children and adults with special needs. This picture captures what I see in many of the people that I work with helping them find their path in life.

Thank you very much,




Hi, I'm a beginner in the energy experience, I get regularly your newsletters and I thank you for the precious information they have.




Your website is beautiful! And I am learning sooo much.

Thank you for your inspiration help and your website.

Have a great day ahead~

Arthalyn Baker



Good day!

I wanted to inform you that I linked your web page, with the noted wording, on my website. I purchased both of your EFT manuals and have appreciated the information and wanted to pass that on to the folks who view my website as well!

Again, thank you!


E.J. Frank



Dear Silvia,

I have been in the psych field for 26 years, but really, always more interested in energy work. I've been a Reiki Master for 14 years, having had experiences with healing before Reiki. I've studied hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation, Bach Flower Essences, and EFT. ... And I, like everyone else am passionately, richly clumsily and crazily human!

Your work is incredibly validating to many of my own views,beliefs and experiences! I'm quite excited about what I've read and experienced thus far and so looking forward to more! I also have a website and am doing podcasts. I'd love to have you for one or more interviews! This is very exciting.

All the best!

Debbie Hazelton



Message: Hi Silvia, 
clicked on you via Sues Ayoubart website, and I thought I was the
greatest Bob fan ... your blog, paintings and web site in general are truly
'mind blowing' in the greatest sense. 
Congratulations :-) 

Message: Hallo Silvia,

ich möchte Dir noch einmal aufrichtig für die 60er danken.

Heute habe ich den Sonnen-Aufgang übersetzt, einfach Spitze! Ich freue mich jeden Tag, auch wenn nicht alle gleich gut zünden bei mir, die meisten aber schon.

Liebe Grüße


Message: Dear Silvia,

I love receiving your emails and I congratulate you on your amazing creativity and hard work.  Thank you for sharing!

Many blessings and warmest wishes

Amanda Wyatt


Message: Silvia: I love you!!

and I love your tonics, every day.
I wish the best for you allways and I will drink another tonic too:
For Sylvia Hartmann!


Amalia from Norway/Argentina ( I have tried your Emotrance with my patients with excelent results!!)


Message: About The 60s

Nice one Silvia. They are all very coool, and I am enjoying the daily hit. Thanks for putting it out there so consistently.

Love, Tom

Message: Hi, Silvia!

I simply must share this with you - It is amazing!

First, I read ''Enchanted world''. From the download, and some chapters only,

But I gave me exactly what I needed, I am just so happy, energized, light, and Elevated,

Have slept 8 hours in a row, First time after... well, seems like *forever* So, as I've been working on it whole day yesterday, today, and you will love this,  I encountered a deep, deep source and truth of the trauma, my ears immediately turn bright red... My elbows, then knees, behind .... Itching ... Felt like burning ...

I've never seen or experienced anything like it. It is like I can actually see bad energy leaving my body..

As I felt it first leaving my soul.

Thank You so much, this book reconnected me with parts of me violently forbidden and taken away long ago. Now I have regained ability to be safe in my very sanctuary, inside and out,
that heals and protects me, and enables me indefinitely.

Seeing this redness made me feel really special, something not everybody experiences, even like a direct vision of the soul, arguing and feeling mad at god or destiny, or Universal love, as I call it in more perspective times. I don't know, actually seeing that made me feel like there is a compassion from higher power there for me, aybe like a validation from the...
Ok, Universal Love ...

I am more at peace now.



Message: Dear Silvia,

I would just like to express my profound gratitude for the gift of your wonderful book, The Enchanted World. I have bought several of your books before (Adventures and Advanced Adventures, and Oceans of Energy) and have found them excellent - I should have written before now to tell you.

But I have to say I found The Enchanted Land resonated with me, there were so many 'aha' moments which will change my life (such as the meaning of words, and how I don't have to take the emotional content of the rest of the world on board with a word!) Changing your past energetically is something I've been working on - I have in mind a book called, 'Give yourself the happy childhood you never had'; and am using EFT to rewrite the script, so it was very interesting to see you mention the same thing.

One thing I hadn't thought of, though, which you mentioned, that freeing ourselves from past, redundant goals such as getting our mothers' approval, frees us to search for future goals! Excellent!

So, thank you again my dear Silvia, for this precious, precious gift. I have read it on-screen but have just finished printing it to keep safely!

 Best wishes,

 Tracy Culleton

 Carlow Ireland



Message: Dear Silvia,

Thank you for your everyday Wealth Boosters.

More power to you.

Kind regards,



The mirror beauty spell really worked because funny enough my bf said wow you look really pretty today and that was on the 3rd and last day the spell had finished.  Thanks again!!!...Also the spell that "men see the real beauty of a woman" really worked BUT!!!!!! it seems to attract ALL MEN!!!!

A celebrity was even looking in my direction.  Thought I had no interest since I have a bf. But thanks again because I don’t want to be selfish and not thank the creator.

Blessed be.


Message: Sehr geehrte Frau Hartmann,

ich möchte mich auf diesem Wege, für die Geschenke bedanken die Sie mir in Buchform mitgeteilt haben.

Ich habe bisher mit meine Klienten in der Form gearbeitet, daß sie einfach das Problem im Körper lokalisierten, und ich ihnen dann sanft mitgeteilt habe, daß sie dies jetzt auflösen können im ganzen System ausdehnen und über den Körper hinaus loslassen.

Natürlich war ich gegenüber EmoTrance Skeptisch, die Erfahrung hat jedoch gezeigt wie effektiv und berauschend es sein kann die Energien im System zu begleiten und den Ausgang zu finden.

Liebe Grüsse

Gottfried Sumser


Message: Dear Silvia,

I am a German EFT practitioner living in Florida. I have your wonderful EFT books, and I use some of your techniques with my clients. I just got your \"Project Sanctuary\", have been working with it for only two days, and I am blown away by my own creations.

To quote Gary Craig: \"You are awesome!\"

Carna Zacharias-Miller

Message: Hi,

I have been looking on your website and have found the stress/anxiety self help treatment very helpful.

Thanks again for the great information on your website, it is the most informative one that I have read and it feels like you truly understand what people are going through.

Kind Regards,


Message: Dear Silvia,

I cannot thank you enough for all the blessings you have already sent my way. I first learned of your work around 6 or 7 years ago when I was trying to find some practical information in a hurry about EFT. Your e-book was a godsend to me and enabled me not only to help someone who was in a desperate situation, but also to help myself more than I ever imagined possible.

Since then, it's been one thing after another that I have learned from you, benefitted from personally, and passed on to others.

What I like most about your techniques is that they work! They are also easy to apply to a wide variety of situations, and enable people to increasingly feel that they own their own lives.

What I like most about you is your non-judgemental, respectful approach to people, your sense of humour, the generousity with which you share your discoveries with anyone who cares to tune in and your love for animals.

Maybe we will meet sometime, who knows? Meanwhile, I wanted to let you know that you have made an enormous difference in my own life and the lives of many other people around me.

With many thanks for everything,

Liz Moseley



It's so wonderfull to viewed so much AU and fortune on your Web-Site! Thx!

All the best wishes to you!

Steve S. Ung / Cambodia


Message: Free Downloads!

They have kept me up for the past few nights well past my bedtime. When the book arrives, at least I'll be able to put it down!

Finding this website was a prayer answered, I was looking on the internet looking for a picture or imagination of what the heart chakra should look like for meditation upon - instead I found a world I had forgotten about ... and lost.

I find much of your work is what I would imagine Rudolf Steiner's stuff put into practise - do you have any connections with anthroposophy?

Many thanks,



Message: Dear Silvia,

You do not know me but I am a distant admirer of your wonderful work.

Just to let you know that I have bought most of your books and thank you for being You. You made EFT live for me. I am now at level 3.

Thank you immeasurably.




Message: Silvia, 

thanks for your work, books etc. I recommend Adventures in EFT to everyone I talk to about EFT. And I also appreciate your mp3's as a format for audio, the best easiest and most powerful, in my opinion, thanks again!


Stephen Hughes

Happy Birthday Silvia!!!

May all the years to come be as filled with your extraordinary development of ideas, concepts and techniques as we have become used to.

I for sure am an admirer of your brilliant work.

With Love from Kjell Forsberg


My best wishes for you, I have a profound admiration of your work, thank you so much for your contribution to the mankind.

I hope that some day I could attend a workshop with you. I'd like to know you.

Happy birthday .

Eliza ( Brasil)



Message: Hi Silvia

God Bless you !!

Thanks for your great work !

I am following your email course since 147 days and I really really enjoy it !






Message: Silvia  rocks! 

Project Sanctuary was one of the most freeing, validating things I have ever read.





 Message: Silvia!

Thank you for your WONDERFUL Project Sanctuary!

You cna't begin to imagine what it means to me, what it has done for me, and how it has enriched my life.

Thank YOU!

Jasmine from South Africa



Message: Dear Silvia

thank you for your expanding and REAL work - it is quite powerful and accessible. And I know that is your point.

I am now studying EmoTrance - thank you for this exquisite Gift. I have also purchased Champagne Turquoise and Fame and Fortune, all based on my guidance, and all Perfect. I do love your Voice - it is truly wonderful.

So Thank You, Silvia. I wish you Every Blessing.


Message: Dear Silvia,

I read your about your metabolism-raising protocol on the EFT website and have used it to raise my energy levels.

Thank you!

It is such a gift to me as I am recovering from coeliac disease and my energy was very low previously.

Thank you!

Love, Jenny in Australia

Message: Dear Silvia

I have bought and thoroughly benefited from your Adventures in EFT and Advanced Patterns of EFT and I am currently being energized by Oceans of Energy.

You are such an inspiration to me.



Love the Book \"Die Zauberwelt\", simply awesome, wunderschoen.

Angel, USA


Message: Hello Silvia

Your work is incredibly validating to many of my own views, beliefs and experiences!

I\'m quite excited about what I\'ve read and experienced thus far and so looking forward to
more! I also have a website and am doing podcasts.

I\'d love to have you for one or more interviews on my podcasts!

All the best!



Thanks a lot for your generosity and for sharing your wisdom with us.

My best wishes

Irene from Santa Fe


Message: Dear Silvia,

My best wishes for you and please continue your wonderfull , beautiful and magical work.Greetings from Mexico and peace on earth

Alfonso Llorente

Message: Hi Silvia

Thank you for your daily wealth messages. Its not a coincidence that I found your site.

Another encounter and more signposts for my journey...




Silvia, you have shared so much knowledge and insight with us that it almost takes my breath away.

The contents of this book contains the things I have been slowly learning for my 70 plus years.


I have worked with energy as a Healing Touch Practitioner and Reiki Master since I retired in 1994. One burning question was how to dissipate the stuck energy and have it gone not just temporarily but for good. That has been answered along with many other questions. Especially powerful are the ideas that we CAN co-create with Spirit, release stuck energy, become more aware etc.

Many, many thanks for this ebook. I know I shall refer to it numerous times in the future.

Janet A Sullivan, USA

Message: Thank you for the free stuff!

I think that it is in the true new age that spiritual information should be shared for free.

How can we attain enlightenment when we are still thinking about money?

Thank you very much - May the angels forever be with you.



Message: Dear Silvia,

Thank you so much for sharing this inspiration out of your heart to people all over the world, it makes a big difference.


Message: Dear Silvia,

Many, many thanks for your daily messages! Often they are so
apt,like today\'s for instance about challenging the idea of things taking a long time!

They make me smile especially because at present I am meeting a lot of \'no\'in my life.

These spur me on.

In gratitude,

Susan from New Zealand

Message: Dearest Silvia,

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was to receive the beautiful painting from you; I now feel even more part of the special circle of light that is the Starfields Network.  It hangs on the wall of my bedroom and  for its first week of existence, it has usually been the first thing i look at each day; and each day is great!!

Thank you again, the painting is beautiful and I love it!

Simon x

Message: Liebe Frau Hartmann!

Ich bin über EFT auf Ihre website gestoßen - es hat ein bisschen gedauert, bis ich gecheckt habe, dass sich da mehr Perlen als nur EFT verbergen ;-) - ich war dann zunehmend fasziniert, habe immer häufiger etwas von Ihren vielfältigen Seiten heruntergeladen und Sie sind inzwischen eindeutig meine derzeitige Lieblingsautorin!

Nochmal alles Gute, herzlichen Dank auch für die vielen Gratis-downloads; ich werde sicher noch öfter auf Ihren Seiten vorbeischauen!

Viele liebe Grüße



Message: Silvia,


When I signed up for these Wealth Creator posts I had no idea I would come to 

#199. I guess my fantasy was around 30 or so.
Thank you for putting this together. Some of the posts really hit 
the nail on the head the day they arrived.



Message: Thank you for Web Magic

I first read this series some time ago and enjoyed what I read.

Recently I thought I would like to read it again but took no steps and then there was a link to it today,  making it easy. I had thought about the spirit of the web on and off many times, and love the journeying in out and around the diamond WWW .

I have improved my web skills since the first time I read this series and even know how many people are visiting daily. It is heartening to realise developments.

Thank you for this series!

Zannie Rose


Absolutley beautiful! Thank you so much for these wonderful poems and stories.

You've made my night - thank you!

Justin from New York

I just want to thank you for coming back into this life with such a gift to all sentient beings.

peace love and light

Tenjo Daikokuji


Dear Dr Silvia!

I’m just writing to you to say that I really enjoy reading the articles that you have written, they are very
informative and full of great advice and knowledge!

Best wishes & many thanks





Loved your article on S L O W EFT in Gary\'s Newsletter recently. I'll try it soon on an ME client who just keeps coming up with more and more aspects. It seems never ending!

Love, always.




I found your piece on inner child EFT work the other day, and it had such an impact on me, I had to write and say thank you so much for your work, and for giving away so much so freely.

Blessed be,

Catherine Skrilov
New York




I am a big fan of yours and am very grateful for your work.

I would love it if you could do a training in Toronto, and I am sure so would many others.

Please consider this.

Blessings to you,




Dear Dr Hartmann,

Thank you so much for your article on adrenaline allergy.

I think it has been a sort of breakthrough for me.

So, thank you very much again!

Best wishes,

Andrew Gail


I found your piece on inner child EFT work the other day, and it had such an impact on me, I had to write and say thank you so much for your work, and for giving away so much so freely.

Blessed be,

Catherine Skrilov
New York



I just looked at your SH web site and it is GREAT!

May I put your picture \"The Soul Pilots\" on my \"Photos\" page? I think people will enjoy it. I can make it a link back to your site. I\'ve already got your name on my page of links. :)

Much Love,




I am a big fan of yours and am very grateful for your work.

I would love it if you could do a training in Toronto, and I am sure so would many others.

Please consider this.

Blessings to you,



Thanks so much for the free MP3 Christmas gift, I loved it.

Peace to you

Bill Thorpe


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