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EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

Energy EFT with Silvia Hartmann


About EFT & Modern Energy Techniques

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping Points DiagramIn 1998, I came across EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, designed by Gary Craig, and I was immediately fascinated. There began a five year odyssey through the fascinating realms of energy tapping, much of which is documented in Adventures In EFT.

In 2002, I started developing a different system of working directly with the energy body that did not involve tapping on meridians, EMO or Energy in Motion. This was and is an open ended research project which brought us a definition of emotions, the discovery of the 6th Sense and much more besides.

In 2011, I was asked to create a new, modern EFT professional training that encompassed what had been learned in the preceding years about energy, but also based on the feedback from EFT practitioners around the world and their practical experiences with teaching EFT to others.

I agreed but only under the condition that we should stop beating around the bush and acknowledging publicly that EFT is an ENERGY treatment.

This is a paradigm shift with many repercussions as I explained in "EFT With Energy In Mind."

What we now call Energy EFT is the next generation of EFT applications.

We are still tapping on certain energy points, we are still using set up phrases to direct the attitude of consciousness, but we now have a much better understanding how EFT works, how energy treatments work, what has to be done to have them be predictable, reliable and successful, and how practitioner and client have to interact in order to get the best out of EFT.

The basic principles are explained with self help in mind in "Energy EFT", and the new EFT Master Practitioner Training courses for TheAMT are based on the same principles and structures. The advances include the new aspects model, replacing the SUD scale with the SUE scale, Events Psychology and a relationship based approach to modern energy work.

In 2013, I wrote "Positive EFT." We have had using positives since Energy EFT but very few people actually understood that in modern energy work, positives can be far more healing than working with trauma only. There are innumerable benefits to Positive EFT. It is a perfect introduction and gives a good experience literally within minutes, is a failsafe self help technique (you don't have to psychoanalyse yourself and get to feel better right away, and you can't pick the wrong positive!), perfect for children and in client work, completely changes the course of the treatment and makes EFT into a much better experience for everyone concerned. Learn Positive EFT here.

EFT was always the best self help technique - ever. Now, it is revolutionary and no longer do we talk about just "tapping our problems away" but going much further than that, into a stress free, positively energized life.

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  • Please note: Articles, documents and videos dated before January 2012 are likely to refer to the Classic EFT Protocol (1996)

  • Articles, documents and videos dated after January 2012 will refer to the new Energy EFT or EFT Heart & Soul Protocol instead.

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

with Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann's Gedichte Aus Der Zauberwelt

Energie Gedichte, HypnoTraeume und Geschichten aus der Zauberwelt von Silvia Hartmann
Schamane Erzähl mir mal was neues ich brauch ein Abenteuer vom Abendbillig hab ich doch genug.

EFT Training For Self Help: The Energy EFT Foundation Course

Many professional EFT trainings are designed for people who want to practice EFT in a therapy or consulting fashion. The Energy EFT Foundation Course exclusive to GoE is particularly designed for EFT Self Help. Gain a firm foundation to use the power of EFT for yourself, your friends and children, without having to become a professional therapist first. 

EFT For Erection Problems

X wrote: Hi. I know a little bit about EFT and I have used it on myself for various things. However I have a problem I am not sure how to deal with. My erections are starting to be a bit soft. I am no longer able to get a really hard erection.

What Is The Difference Between Classic EFT, Energy EFT & Positive EFT?

The differences between Classic EFT, Energy EFT and Positive EFT in a nutshell. 

Modern Energy Tapping For World Energy Awareness

On August 8th at 8pm we are having a moment to do some real energy work - to change the powerfield of the ages that has made people be blind to the reality of energy. With more energy awareness, the world for all of us must change and becomes a better place.

Here are some ideas for Modern Energy Tapping set ups or opening statements to use on World Energy Awareness Day and to help bring the light to many, many more.

Find The Perfect Classic EFT Set Up Phrase In Self Help - The Classic EFT Letter

The one Classic EFT question I get asked over and over again is "How do I find the right set up phrase or opening statement to tap on?"

That is the million dollar question in Classic EFT because the right set up phrase or opening statement is exactly what makes the "Classic EFT miracle cure" happen in an instance. And to a large degree, how good an Classic EFT practitioner is I would measure by how quickly and accurately they can identify the kinds of set up phrases or opening statements that would unlock that person's problems like the perfect key unlocks a door.

Here is an easy way to find perfect Classic EFT set ups and opening statements you can do yourself when you are doing Classic EFT in self help and without an experienced Classic EFT practitioner to help you out.

Empowering A Future Aspect With Positive EFT

A lot of stress comes not from the past, but from the future - events that you know are going to happen and you're afraid of what will happen when you get there.

Here is an awesome Positive EFT tapping script by Energy EFT's creator, Silvia Hartmann, to empower your future self and make you feel a whole lot better, right here and now!

When Is Energy EFT Self Help Simply Not Enough?

When should you switch from self help to working with another person who has training in advanced modern Energy EFT?

Here are 4 instances when you need a Professional Energy EFT Master Practitioner by your side.

From Borrowing Benefits To Full Engagement With Energy EFT

"Borrowing Benefits" is a term from Classic EFT - if one or a group "tap along" with an individual, they benefit. Go beyond "borrowing" benefits with Energy EFT.

Why Don't They Just Tap On It?!

If you have spent any time in the global EFT community, you will undoubtedly notice that there's a lot of negative emotions flying about. People are always falling out with each other over arguments of all kinds, personality clashes, theory clashes, "It's my way or the highway!" style clashes - all sorts.

Real, proper human beings "at it" - full on. So the question has to be asked ... "Why don't they just tap on it ...?"

What Is Positive EFT?

Everyone is talking about Positive EFT, and many have strong opinions about it without knowing what it actually is or how it works.

Here is our guide to Positive EFT in a nutshell, plus your chance to try it out for yourself and make up your own mind. 

NEW EFT - Energy EFT EFT Master Practitioner Online Distance Learning Course EFT Master Practitioner Online Distance Learning Course Best book on EFT for newbies and beginners: Positive EFT

Energy EFT

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