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"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa." Silvia Hartmann 

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StarFields Product Guide

What is EmoTrance?! Project Sanctuary? MET? HypnoDreams??

What is all this and where has it come from?

Here is a short guide to the history, development and whys and wherefores of these products and ideas with personal notes by Silvia Hartmann.

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About NLP

Not many people know just how deeply I have been and still am involved in NLP Neurolinguistic Programming - well now more will!


It started innocently enough with a hypnosis course given by Tad James (of TimeLines fame) in London, and for the next 6 years I don't think I did anything else at all. Like many NLPers, I've taken more than one training with more than one teacher; but I've also done a lot of original research and model development using the tools of NLP.

General Semantics is a fascinating and most revolutionary tool; something that I had been needing for a long time and I found this via NLP.

At the time I was learning NLP, I was still a Companion Animal Behaviour Specialist and I used the tools of NLP to re-write the basics for that entire field which had until then mostly functioned on superstition and ancestor worship. This gave me the practice I needed to move on and start applying these fabulous tools in earnest and for my own personal interests.

My first personal "re-modeling" project was Project Sanctuary in 1996, my "organic DHE" and "quantum logic teaching device" which came out of my research into metaphor, consciousness and energy. Together with NLP Hypnosis, this created the "HypnoDreams" style of totality hypnosis, as well as the Holodreams and the PHDP or Post HypnoDream Project.

Then I went back to remodel Virginia Satir - this time not what she said, but what she did, and I got the idea for the basic structure of EmoTrance during this project in 1998. As a part of this, I picked up on EFT - and promptly got massively involved, some might even say, side tracked, into a five year EFT/Meridian Energy Therapies research project, but that was valuable and yielded many interesting patterns, from "Guiding Stars" to "Powerfields", "Project Energy", "Art Solutions" and finally the rather superb "MindMillion".

I really cannot rate NLP highly enough in its concepts and structural devices for improvement and innovation.

It has improved my own organisation of research most significantly and as a research & development tool, it is second to none.

I haven't written much *about* NLP, apart from a few thousand mails to MindList - LOL! - but that's because I'm far too busy USING NLP each and every moment I'm awake, and sometimes when I'm asleep at night.

So a deep bow of respect, gratitude and courtesy to my main NLP trainers, Tad James and Richard Bandler, and Count Korzybski, Gregory Bates, Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson and Fritz Pearls through the Golden Line!

And if you, dear Reader, were ever wondering if taking a high priced NLP training from a good trainer, then let me tell you, yeah right! NOW! You'll not recognise the world or yourself when you get back, and that's a fact.

Long Live NLP!

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EmoTrance Energy Magic

"Of all the many therapies I've trained in and approaches I have used none have excited me and touched me so deeply. EmoTrance is quite simply the most beautiful, graceful and simple healing and self-care approach I have come across."   Dr Mark Atkinson

Free Introduction/Primer

Training Manuals:

Accredited Online Correspondence Course:

Special Products:

Further Information:

For practitioner referrals, live EmoTrance trainings and workshops, news and events, please visit


About EmoTrance

In 2002, I had accumulated so many patterns and techniques, all based on a central understanding how the universe works, that it became necessary to create a framework for teaching this.

What was needed most of all was a logical pathway, an order and sequence of events and understandings.

After some considerable thought, I chose the basic technique of feeling energy directly through the body, and then FEELING what happens when you move this energy as the perfect introduction.

It is my experience that when someone has really FELT something, then they have LEARNED in a very different way from just having read something in a book.

The basic technique sets from EmoTrance 1 are all designed to transmit the SKILLS needed to recognise energy occurrences, and to work with them correctly – without illusion, without “intuition” but strictly logically and systemically. Then, the ACTUAL RESULTS become the learning curve and what is being learned is TRUE, and it WORKS in the real world. It brings immediate results.

So, in that way, Oceans of Energy, ET1, deals with healing noticeable disturbances and whilst we do that, teaches us the skills to read people’s energy systems correctly, and how to understand and spot the relationships between energy, behaviour, emotions, thoughts and physical actions.

Many people think of EmoTrance as a “healing technique” and that is a necessary first step. However, beyond healing there are the things I am personally most interested in.

You can call it human actualisation, enlightenment or “living a real life with excitement, new experiences, with joy, grace and wonder” – either way, that’s really the core and heart of EmoTrance. In order to get further and beyond the basics of healing, nutrition and so forth, we need to start looking at our environments and how we experience the world around us. This is the Autogenic Universe from “Living Energy”, ET2. Here, we start dealing with old maps, beliefs and how we get to practically make our dreams come true. Here still too, are aspects of “healing” but this only happens in the context of “getting things to work the way they were designed to work”.

Now and once we have our main systems back online, and we have begun to understand how we work in our environments as functioning human totalities, there is the matter of “magic” awaiting.

Magic happens when all things are aligned and come into harmony – the visible and invisible planes all aligned and working together FOR YOU. Energy is absolutely what makes magic work, the missing alchemical catalyst. “Energy Magic”, ET3, takes magic and miracles out of the Middle Ages and brings it to the here and now – logically, cleanly, and most practically.

These three books together contain therefore a logical progression and the exercises and techniques from basic healing and repair, to being able to USE OURSELVES as we were designed to function, by the grace of the Creative Order.

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The HypnoDreams Trilogy

by Silvia Hartmann & Ananga Sivyer

Energy Healing In Sounds & Visions

“It's almost like listening to someone speaking in a language you don't know, but you can get the necessary meaning because the language of the spirit is what's really being spoken - and that communicates so easily.” Karen Robinson

Visionary, breathtaking stimulation for the totality systems – superb forms and revolutionary functioning. Each full lenghth experience is a unique remedy, a treatment, an experience unlike anything available elsewhere.

Vol. 1 - The Wisdom Of The Water

Oceans of Energy – Dive To Diamond – The Wisdom of the Water - StarFall – Ice River – Treasures & Riches – Darling

Vol. 2 - Heart Healing

Heart Healing – Receiving The Colours – Celebration – Ocean Wood – Resonance Connection – Morning Light – Precious – The Child

Vol. 3 – Freedom

The Wind of Change – Freedom – Creativity – Sweet Lights – Timelines – Our Dimension – Forward To The New



About The HypnoDreams Trilogy

I’ve always loved hypnosis and particularly, hypnotic journeys where you just let go and step into these other realms, where you could fly and soar, have these incredible experiences, learn about who you truly are, have a counterbalance to the daily grind to keep you bright, and sane.

As soon as I had finished my hypnotherapy training, I started writing “inductions” for clients and for myself, only the ones that I wanted for myself were not at all in the usual style available.

They would have this wonderful mystical quality and have absolutely NOTHING to do with the usual stuff, fitness, weightloss, give up this and that. My journeys would be fantastic and bright, soaring, and there were no exhortations to change or “become a better person” AT ALL.

I recorded a set for myself in a professional studio, just my voice with my favourite “trips” into infinity and beyond. Then sometime later I met Ananga Sivyer and she mentioned that she composed music. I asked her if she would mind putting some music behind my personal “hypnodreams” and she kindly agreed. I sent her the CD.

But she phoned me immediately and said how much SHE had enjoyed them too, and that she felt other people would like them too.

I was dubious at first and said, “But I don’t want them to turn into the usual dour exhortations and have to give “positive suggestions”, I love them the way they are, that you really don’t know what’s going on or even WHY you are doing these things.” Ananga re-assured me that we would keep the “spirit of the dream” intact and that they could be just as mystical and mysterious as I wanted them to be. That we would not look over our shoulders as to what other people might think, and really FOLLOW OUR HEARTS on this occasion.

It was a fantastic process.

Each and every single track, from the original channelling of the journey to the script and the compositions was wonderful. We took no short cuts, didn’t compromise on a single word, sound or inflection and our single minded outcome was to preserve the ENERGY MOVEMENTS faithfully and correctly.

Then, the universe lend a helping hand as well.

A famous singer, Pia, heard a track as Ananga was working on it and was immediately fascinated, so much so that she offered to sing on the tracks for free. Her beautiful vocal harmonies, placed where and how HER HEART directed her, added another level of energy to the project.

Altogether, it took nearly four years to complete the trilogy. It was a completely transformational experience for all involved and a high end challenge to our skills and abilities.

To say that we are proud of the HypnoDreams trilogy is an understatement. We – me, Ananga and Pia, and all those who supported us through this intense and long term project – love the dreams in a very different way from all our other projects.

They are special. They come from a special place and even though we still don’t know exactly what they do, we know they are magical. They represent a set of keys to unlock doors in these our incarnations we didn’t even know were there at all.

Find More Information About HypnoDreams, including scripts and free downloads here.


EFT & Meridian Energy Therapies

Meridian Energy Therapies Manuals

Professional MET Training Courses

*Certified Through The Association For Meridian Energy Therapies (The AMT)

  • MET Practitioner Certification Training
  • MET Advanced Practitioner Certification Training
  • AMT MET Trainers Certification Training

Professional MET Correspondence Courses

*Only available through the Sidereus Foundation


About EFT & Meridian Energy Therapies

In 1998, I came across EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, designed by Gary Craig, and I was immediately fascinated. There began a five year odyssey through the fascinating realms of energy psychology, much of which is documented in Adventures In EFT. I had been working with energy for many years by then, but I just loved the way EFT made MENTAL CHANGES possible with a simple, single ritual re-balancing of the main body meridians.

EFT and the international MET community also gave me personally the opportunity to have proof for much of my own work on psychology in a practical self helf format, so that people could test my theories for themselves.

The in-depth immersion in working with EFT and testing the relationships between thought, body and energy system on literally thousands of people and innumerable symptoms and problems also taught me new things, and opened up research pathways to whole new directions.

In my opinion, EFT and its pre-decessor, TFT, are the best thing that have happened to humanity for at least 2000 years. It puts emotional healing and response to situations back into a person’s OWN TWO HANDS. That’s an extraordinary gift and a most wonderful thing, indeed.

Adventures In EFT was first released in 1999, and grew through 6 editions with direct feedback from the many EFT users and practitioners around the world. Indeed, it grew to a point where the range and depth of patterns were becoming too much for a first introduction, and in 2003 I decided to take out the latest techniques and have The Advanced Patterns of EFT instead. This also gave me the freedom to explain about the deeper and more intense uses of EFT for clinical settings and with very heavy disturbances and problems.

In 2004, I was asked by my UK Publishers to produce a “pocket guide” to EFT, something simple and friendly which could serve as a first introduction and inspiration to try EFT on a variety of problems. This is Easy EFT which is strictly for personal use and immediate symptom relief.

On the professional side of things, there are the Meridian Energy Training courses for professional health and mental health care workers who wish to integrate the new METs into their practice. This was developed in 2000 in conjunction with the Association For Meridian Energy Therapies, with a new edition in 2003, at which point the Advanced MET practitioner training was added, which includes the other main MET approaches.

I also wrote a correspondence course version of these trainings, adjusted for the distance learning/tutor support format which is exclusive to The Sidereus Foundation.

To this day, I personally use EFT and EFT variants in moments of crisis and on a regular basis. It is the most incredibly useful self help tool and whatever level you’re at, I can’t recommend it too highly!


The Post HypnoDream Project - HypnoSolutions

by Silvia Hartmann & Ananga Sivyer

Single Audio CDs containing each a complete energy alignment session.


  • The Lullaby – First Aid Delta Sleep Induction To Aid Deep Sleep & Restoration.
  • Star Diamond – Profound, Deep Structural Energy Healing For Anxiety & Stress
  • Soften & Flow – Active Response Energy Healing Session For Symptoms Felt Here & Now
  • Life & Love of Life – Charge Your Healing & Self Healing Abilities With This Unique “Healing Teacher”
  • Gold & Blue, The Morning – For Those Who Need To Feel & Experience The Power Of Love In Their Life – Giving & Receiving Both.
  • The Secret Song – Become One Of The Lucky Ones and Learn How To Be In The Right Place, At The Right Time.
  • BeauTy T – Re-Building Shattered Self Concepts and Body Images.


About The HypnoSolutions

At the end of 2003, I was working intensively with a particular pattern, called Art Solutions (from Living Energy, ET2).

This pattern called upon being able to contact the parts of ourselves which can read and navigate the energy universe to produce SOLUTIONS to particularly complex or difficult problems.

I was using the format of painting images at the time, but when I told Ananga Sivyer about this, it was immediately obvious that music would work just the same way – it was just a question of allowing a “solutions flow” to arrive after a particular problem had been stated.

Ananga produced immediately a most wonderful album of original compositions, using this principle (Sonic Solutions 1 – Here & Now) and I couldn’t help but think of the HypnoDreams we had produced together when I heard it.

It was still nearly the end of 2004 until I managed to merge the idea of the “flow from the energy mind” which is the core of the HypnoDreams, and the idea of directive Art Solutions where one would ask for something specific into what was to become the Post HypnoDream Programme.

I remember being very nervous when I sat down in front of my computer, with a blank document, and asking out aloud “Please show me a powerful psycho-energetic remedy for anxiety.”

I suspect that I have some reversals over writing after all these years as an author, but it flowed beautifully and right away, in true art solutions style, and produced our first ever PHD – Star Diamond. It has all the mystical qualities of a hypnodream, PLUS the direction and intention to repair whatever structurally problems exist in the energy system which cause the outward symptoms of anxiety.

This is a very exciting project indeed, and has left us with a HUGE shopping list of issues we want to clear up for ourselves – understanding the true nature of love, feeling at peace inside your own skin, how to heal, how to find joy in movement and exercise again, to improve our relationships with people and the universe, and many more!

Where the HypnoDreams are remedies for problems we don’t even know we’re having, these Post HypnoDreams are real psycho-energetic TREATMENTS for every day problems we know we have, and which are likely to arise just by virtue of being alive, time and time again.

I’m fond of thinking of the HypnoSolutions as the energetic equivalent of having a good basic set of essential oils or homeopathic remedies in your cupboard. You’ve had a hard day? Pick that one! Need cheering up? This one will do the trick. Only, they never run out and they don’t get stale – they’re always fresh, bright and new and get stronger each time they’re used.

I think that the idea of endless bliss is just not reality. We have wondrous moments, and horrible ones. That’s life. We step on nails and that kind of stuff happens. This doesn’t mean we’re ill, just that we need to take some action, here and now. Everyone freaks out once in a while, like everyone bangs their elbow or gets a grain of sand in their eye. That’s just life, and I think the HypnoSolutions are a fabulous resource to have in your cupboard when “life strikes” and a little help is required!

More Information on


Magic, Metaphor & Creativity

Project Sanctuary – The original Project Sanctuary Training Manual, Third Expanded Edition 2003.

In Serein Trilogy - Hypnotic Fantasy Fiction.




About Project Sanctuary

Do you like stories? Thinking of scenarios and playing them in your mind, dreaming and living dreams in an altered state of awareness?

I do.

I’ve been doing this since I was a very small child and for as long as I can remember.

At some point I found out that you don’t have to make it up all by yourself, but if you use a system of questions and answers, there is a part of your mind which will not just assist, but become your very own story teller, movie producer, reality creator.

I thought for many years that EVERYONE KNEW THAT because it was so natural to me. I would always have an unfolding story going on which I would visit before going to sleep at night, or whilst engaged in boring tasks, or waiting in lines, or walking down the street.

It wasn’t until 1993 that I met a lady who had trouble with her dreams, and I wanted to help her out and suggested to interact with the scenarios much like I always do inside my mind. I was astonished that she didn’t know how to do that, but once I explained the idea, she took to it like a fish to water and was literally joyous at all the many things she could do with that. She communicated with angels then, healed parts of herself, found and saved her inner child, became  clairvoyant and all sorts. I mentioned this to another person and he too, was amazed at the idea which I had taken entirely for granted, namely that you BUILD WORLDS, decorate them to your liking and then move in to experience them first hand in order to do very specific things. He said, “You should write a book about that!” and so Project Sanctuary was typed out for the first time.

I will honestly say that what Project Sanctuary represents is simply the love of my life. This is my home, my hearth and my personal saviour, is now and has always been, and without Project Sanctuary, there simply would be no EmoTrance. There would be no HypnoDreams. There would be – nothing new and nothing worth of any value at all that I can proudly call my own.

I could go on for YEARS (and I’m not kidding!) about the structure of metaphor, energy, language, experience, organic Tessla machines, autogenic healing and so much more besides, but the fact is that Project Sanctuary is AMAZING to do, an amazing experience that grows with you and shows you things, teaches you things FROM INSIDE YOURSELF you could never ever begin to imagine. It’s a way of using our minds that is so easy, so natural, so simple and yet PRODUCES an endless resource stream of truly mindblowing proportions. You have to try it to know just how good it really is, and never mind using it for therapy! To leave it there would be near enough a sin in my opinion.

In 2001, I wrote a novel. It is a trilogy and called In Serein. It was the most intensive creative experience of my life so far and what it is in essence, is a huge Project Sanctuary habitat, custom created to teach about magic and energy in a whole new way.

I also write poetry, and HypnoDreams, and classic fairy tales. A particularly fascinating project was For You, A Star – a collection of magic symbols and evocations in poetry format that are for once, not an “away from” remedy but instead, an injection of powerful positive energies, such as joy, love, freedom, dominion, space, and life.

All and everything I do comes from the spaces and experiences that Project Sanctuary provides.

I have learned to ask certain parts of myself to give me a stream of data for a specific purpose, and how to interpret this data into words, or sounds, or movements, or images; I have learned how to do this CONSCIOUSLY and how to co-operate so this can happen.

I learned all of this from interfacing with my own mind DIRECTLY – that’s what Project Sanctuary does, that’s what it is, and that’s not even something special at all, but we can all do it if we want to, because it is STRUCTURALLY AVAILABLE in every human mind.

If you wonder how I do the things I do, or if you want to do things like writing your own stories, inventing your own methods or revolutionising your incarnation, then I can simply say, “Do Project Sanctuary. Do it every day, and you’ll get that, too.”


Special Projects

Sidereus Foundation Distance Courses

  • The Story Teller – Unique Public Speaking Distance Learning Course In 8 Units, from The Sidereus Foundation.
  • Energy Healing For Animals – Professional Certification Training for Pure Energy Healing For Animals, from The Sidereus Foundation.

German Language Books

  • Emotionale Freiheit – German Language Translation of Adventures In EFT, 3rd Edition.
  • EmoTrance – German Language Edited Translation of Oceans Of Energy.

Published by VAK Verlag, Germany.



About Energy Healing For Animals

Before I became involved in studying people, I was an animal behaviour specialist. I worked with animals and especially, companion animals for 15 years in a professional capacity and learned enormous amounts about the world through the eyes of these creatures who got caught up, like us people too, in this weird reality which we have constructed around us.

I wanted to give something back, something really special and as good as I could possibly make it, to the animal kingdom. Something practical to help alleviate this enormous suffering we have brought upon them through the ages. I thought, if there were more animal healers who really could do something practical, one person at a time helping MANY animals in physical as well as meta-physical ways, it would make a difference.

So, over the period of a year, I created this course in 12 Units which is practically designed to give someone who has a true desire to be an animal healer all the tools they need to do this correctly, to do this most powerfully, and to do it professionally.

It was a most incredible journey of personal development to consider the issues involved and to find solutions for the many challenges an animal healer faces in the real world, and one of the things I am personally most proud of.


About The Story Teller

At one point, I was asked to write a correspondence course for a distance learning college. “What about?” I enquired, curiously. “Anything you want!”, they said.

So I started to think about what I might like to do a course on, given the freedom of choice, and The Story Teller was the only thing I could think of.

There is something HUGE about the concept of being able to tell stories in your own true voice – whether this is YOUR STORY you are telling, or an ancient tale that still sings with resonance across the ages.

There is something HUGE about being able to do that – and that’s regardless whether you are story telling in words on paper, or to a single to small child, or to a client in therapy, or to a lover in bed, or to an audience of millions through a cinema screen.

This course is a true challenge because it is not about story telling in this format, or that, but about the story teller themselves – to help a person stand up and speak up, speak words that are true and powerful, and that have the power to really change the world.

This course also requires more in the way of personal investment than all my other books and courses. This is probably so because there is so much at the end of it – personal freedom of expression, having found one’s own true voice.


The Enchanted World


About The Enchanted World

In April of 2004, I sat down to write a book that would serve both as an introduction to my work in general, as well as a kind of framework for all of it. It's been a long time - 25 years at least - and I have generated a lot of materials in the course of my ongoing research.

The Enchanted World, or as it is known in the German Original, Die Zauberwelt, is truly a wonderful book. In just under 40,000 words what I do, why I do it and what I believe to be true has been put in a nutshell.

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to my energy mind, which arranged this truly enormous diversity of information and learnings, experiences and insights, results and strategies in such an amazingly user friendly way - and it did it twice, once in the original German and then in the English translation.




About MindMillion

I've always been interested in reality creation - of course, who wouldn't be?

But it's absolutely true that I found some realities much easier to create than others. The one I had the most trouble with was making money, and so in 2000, New Year's eve to be precise, I started a online group for reality creation and making money research involving members of the MindList, the largest NLP/personal development group in the World.

This was a stormy project; it showed up some interesting things but what we were doing back then wasn't the answer. I recognised that we simply didn't have the tools yet to make it work, so I closed that project and went away to do some more research.

Two years later, I was ready to give the project another go. This time, I got together a group of 40 intelligent and dedicated people from many different countries around the world, different ages and backgrounds, and we engaged in some serious "deep sea diving" - to find out and eradicate the deep roots of the problems which were stopping us from being successful. The techniques we were using were very powerful, very stressful and hard, not something you could take to the general public at all - BUT I finally learned what was wrong and began to have some ideas as to how to put things right.

That took another two whole years of continuous testing, researching, and refining; also I needed to have the final reality checks come back - were we making more money? Were we getting to be in control of our businesses, and were we BEHAVING DIFFERENTLY so that the gains were staying and were PERMANENT?

When I was satisfied that it was so, and had fine tuned the various aspects into a flowing system, I sat down and wrote the first edition of MindMillion the book over a period of four months at the end of 2004. The manuscript was finished and presented to the members of the 2nd MindMillion project on December 24th, 2004 to officially close the project on New Year's Eve 2004, exactly five years after the project had originally begun.

MindMillion is a really interesting book, the first of its kind and a breakthrough paradigm application.

It is in essence an "art solutions" ANSWER to the question of "How can we be more successful?"

What is also fascinating about this book and exercises and processes within it is that they engage more than just the "thinking mind". Thoughts are ten a penny and they come and go; but when thoughts, actions and emotions are combined, a threshold is breached and a very different state of being arises - one of congruency and FORWARD FOCUS on achievement.

Where the EmoTrance books focus on "why, how and wherefore", this one is a STRAIGHT APPLICATION of the principles in reality - it is in essence, a psycho-active REMEDY for poverty consciousness, procrastination and self sabotage. And what's even better is that these approaches don't require the reader/participator to know anything about psychology or energy magic AT ALL. Any human can do this who can read, and it will work because it is structural at a very basic level.

A completely riveting investigation, from the moment it began; a hell of a ride as a research project; and a wonderful finalisation with the finished product.

The Appollonius Quartet

  • The Mission: To create a programme that will improve paranormal abilities, enhance psychic skills and restore Even Flow in the psychic circuitry.

Now, I make products that *I* would buy and use - if I could buy them somewhere.

This is such a project, from the ground up.

I sat down and created a really very unique training programme, using advanced hypnosis and energy work, to sort out the psychic circuitry - to feed it, to stimulate it and most of all, to re-connect it to the general energy system AND to make peace between the "energy body neurology" and the conscious mind.

This was really challenging and far more complex than I'm sure most people would ever want to know about; suffice to say that there are four "quarters" to this set which all together create a FIFTH, and that is far more than the sum of its parts and thus gets to go where a single induction alone could never reach.

This is an excellent programme for anyone who has as much respect for, and fascination with, their metaphysical abilities and skills, and recognises how INCREDIBLY USEFUL these extra senses and sensations are for every day life.

It is also recommended for people who had to slow down or call a halt to their psychic explorations because of unwanted side effects - cross firing magic, psychosomatics, mental/emotional instabilities developing and sometimes even physical problems. This happens when you're trying to put more energy through a system that is damaged and can't handle it; it causes chaos and so of course, we need to repair the circuitry first so we have some semblance of Even Flow not just inside the psychic (astral) circuitry, but also BETWEEN the psychic circuitry and the rest of the energy system.

It's a great programme and I have a notion that far beyond simply getting better at remote viewing and Tarot, it is structurally ESSENTIAL to repair the psychic circuitry for other reasons, and spiritual development is high on the list of those.


This is the state of play up until July 2005.

Looking forward to what's coming next :-)


All the best,

Silvia Hartmann

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