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Art, glass, silk, fabric free seamless background tile image picture galleries by StarFields

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Seamless Background Collection: Art Tiles

Free Seamless Background Tile Designs by StarFields

Art, Paint, Fabric, Glass, Abstract Seamless Background Tiles For Your Art Site!


This site has a collection of my favourite backgrounds with an art flavour - stained glass, silk, watercolor and abstract backgrounds.

A lot of these seamless background tiles and textures are made from photographs of real fabrics, clothes, glass etc.

Many are hand processed and adjusted, many others completely hand made.

This is a new site and I'll be adding more galleries as we're going along, I have a lot of pictures waiting to be seen!

Please don't hotlink the images; save them to your own server please.

I hope you find a background image or two that you enjoy and that is useful for you.

With best wishes



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Art Gallery Background Tile Picture Image

Starfields aka Silvia Hartmann


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Get A Free Positive Energy Form (The Secret, Law Of Attraction) Right Now - What Will You Get Today ...?

Get A Free Positive Energy Form (The Secret, Law Of Attraction) Right Now - What Will I Get Today ...?

EFT Self Healing - Get the best selling EFT book in the World TODAY!

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