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StarFields Art & Picture Collections

Money Images - Backgrounds, cartoons, animated gifs all about money, gold, cash, dollar, euro.

Space Images - Space, Star Backgrounds, Space & Alien Images, Hubble Pictures

Art Background - Watercolor, Silk, Cotton, Fabric, Glass, Stained Glass, Abstract Picture Seamless Background Tile Galleries

Animal Background - Meerkat, Wolf, Dolphin and more coming soon.

Visit My Abstract Art Exhibition!

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Art Section on the main site

Man & machine - art with silvia hartmann

Art Interview & Art Retrospective

Online modern art exhibition & retrospective with Silvia Hartmann aka Starfields

StarFields Art Blog

Art Doll Golden Samurai by Starfields

Magic Symbols English

Magic Symbols German - Deutsche Zaubersymbole

Magic Art Gallery at

For You A Star - Art/Magic/Poetry/Healing Book

121 custom paintings of plants for the aromatherapy book online

Marigold - one of the 121 original illustrations from Aromatherapy For Your soul

WonderWorlds - Amazing photos of ice, water, crystals close up

WonderWorlds - Amazing photos of ice, water, crystals close up

Fairy Tale Illustrations For The Golden Horse Fairy Tale Book

Fairy Tale Illustrations for Elory's Joy original edition

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PS: I've got two new art sites since I made these galleries using Spacenode Webpublishing Software which makes it much easier to keep things updated.

My new energy art, primal art, art blog site:

and for the many backgrounds,

The journey continues ... :-)


Dr Silvia Hartmann, Autor Of Aromatherapy For The Soul
Dr Silvia Hartmann

A NEW Book on Aromatherapy: Aromatherapy For Your Soul
Aromatherapy For Your Soul

Creative Aromatherapy With Dr Silvia Hartmann
Creative Aromatherapy

The Magic Garden Meditation with Dr Silvia Hartmann
The Magic Garden

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Aromatherapy For Your Soul - Aromatherapy Blog
Getting High On Salvia

Aromatherapy Blog

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Get A Free Positive Energy Form (The Secret, Law Of Attraction) Right Now - What Will I Get Today ...?


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