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"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa." Silvia Hartmann 

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Poetry by Silvia Hartmann


I think of poetry as a distilled and purified form of communication.

Take out all the waffle, all the bits and bobs, keep the best and most lively metaphors and descriptions in your poem, give it a rhythm or a rhyme, an ebb and flow, and we have a fine and powerful brandy wine.

A good poem, as does a good brandy, gets better with age.

And of course, all poetry MUST be hypnotic or what's the point of it?!

I write a lot of metaphor poetry, just so I keep in the flow of experiences and images as they translate to words and flow through my fingers into the keyboard, but also because this often gives me new ideas for things to develop further.

In some cases, much, much further.

Check out the poem from the choice below which sparked off the entire In Serein trilogy - that is Steel Lord.

One last tip.

Read the poems out aloud.

They are all meant to be spoken and FELT that way.


Poems & Poetry by Silvia Hartmann


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