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100 Blessings Magic Ritual

100 Blessings Magic Ritual

This is a simple but powerful energy magic ritual which causes "a flow of blessings". It is also good to counteract depression and a very nice boost for self esteem. Safe and beneficial to do with children, too and as a partner exercise to share.

Use 100 stones for this.

Pebbles, magic stones or anything else you have a 100 of - dried peas, pasta shells and beads will do in a pinch.

Put all the stones in a pile in a quiet place.

Light a candle and state your intent to celebrate one hundred blessings on this occasion.

Pick up the first of the stones, hold it in your hand, and name your first blessing, for example:

"I am grateful for my gift of sight."

Kiss the stone and place it to become the beginning of the "pile of blessings", then get the next.

"I am grateful for the gift of my friends."

Continue on with whatever comes to your mind until you have run out of stones.

Take a moment to look at your 100 blessings and know that you have just counted yourself very, very lucky ...

NB: When I first did this, I found the first twenty or so the most difficult - but then a change happened, as though floodgates had been opened (or an energetic dam had been broken!) and the blessings simply began to FLOW. I ran out of stones way, way too soon!

This is a super ritual/exercise and I wish you fun and truly beneficial results with this!

© Silvia Hartmann October 2004

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