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"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa." Silvia Hartmann 

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Art Plus Science Equals Magic

Creating Energy Objects & Symbols That Change The Fabric Of Reality

Music, Magic & Love - Original Symbol Painting by StarfieldsThere is something wonderfully appropriate about making works of art to heal - an individual, an environment, a family, or a company.

Silvia Hartmann explains, "The trouble with environmental energy healing is that you can't see it. As you can't see it, you can forget about it or think it isn't even there. I love the way these large, colourful energy channelling devices say, Look! Here I am! I am energy and I am absolutely REAL!"

Behind the material facade of everything, there lie the realms upon realms of "invisible existence" or to use a shorthand term, "the energy of a thing".


Invisible Causes For Physical Effects

 The energy of a thing and no matter how simple it may be is made up of many different frequencies, many different planes. For example, a simple wooden chair would have original energetic frequencies of the wood it was made from, which remembers in its very structure where the tree grew, what the summers and winters were like all through its long journey from a small seed to a full grown tree.

 Moreover, the chair also retains what happened to the wood after the tree was felled, the wood processed. The lacquers used, the workmen who handled it all changed its energetic structure just as much as they changed a log to a rough cut plank, to a filed and sanded shape, and to the final painted, coated object.

 Each chair is entirely unique, has its entirely unique energetic properties and this is so for every object we can see, feel, touch, trade and have in the Hard, which is a better term than "reality" for reality of course consists of far more than just "the hard".

 A great many problems which individuals face today, and groups collectively, and societies beyond this right out to all of humanity is the central lack of understanding of the basic principles of energy - those cause-and-effect absolutely real occurrences that are not seen.

 One of these mostly unknown and untreated occurrences and realities is the fact that as each chair has a unique and absolute frequency of energies, so do all environments, all things and all people; and not everything can be used for everyone.

 People can suffer from energy allergies, from energetic forms of malnutrition (even though they take vitamin supplements in the Hard!), from energetic poisoning because they are forced to live in environments which are not beneficial or matching to their own personal resonance bandwidths, and all they know of it is that they feel unhappy and out of sorts, yet there seems to "visible" or "hard" reason for this.

 Silvia Hartmann, PhD has been campaigning for a greater awareness of the absolutely real and very powerful influences of energetic occurrences to be taken more seriously ever since she discovered in 1993, during a study on high end behavioural disorders in dogs, that these were directly related to and caused by the "invisible energies" traded and exchanged in mammals.

 She says, "It was just like Sherlock Holmes said - when you have excluded everything possible, then the impossible must be the answer. I had been working for years with nutrition, and behavioural modifications, with upbringing and genetics and there seemed to be no rhyme or reason. Until I finally postulated a Factor X to make the equations work. And this Factor X, which really does explain exactly how and why social mammals become structurally autistic, display rage syndrome or extreme health and mental problems, such as self mutilation and spontaneous onsets of cancers, turned out to be invisible in nature, but totally real nonetheless - energy exchanges were at work."

 For the next 17 years, Dr Hartmann began to study and research these "invisible effects" and draw up new theories as to how the universe actually really works.

 As a side effect of these studies, she was able to create a great range of very practical and highly acclaimed breakthrough techniques for explaining and solving psychological puzzles in human thought and behaviour, including "The Harmony Programme" (1994), "Project Sanctuary" (1996), "Powerfields" (1999), "Guiding Stars" (2000) and finally the EmoTrance energy awareness applications (Oceans of Energy 2003, Living Energy 2004).


Love And Logic

 Dr Hartmann says, "What surprised me most of all, time and time again, was that when you bring in the energy realms, things begin to work with such lightness and with ease, it is just extraordinary. And the important thing to understand is that what we are doing is NOT the usual move by which we separate out the energy work from the day-to-day living, but bring it back together, have it be present ALL and at the same time. That's when thing really begin to make some sense, and methods and techniques really start to work like the proverbial charm."

 In this way, there is no difference between art and science - both are simply aspects of the same underlying true and composite reality which have become detached from one another, much in the same way as the secular and the sacred became detached when neither can work without the other or have any hope of making any kind of sense.

 "I have been working with and studying especially human emotions for a very, very long time indeed. It is a huge, a really HUGE mistake to think that a fully functional human being can even successfully exist without emotions. What you get if you try is once again, a useless thing, devoid of practical performance, that can do nothing particularly well at all.

 "Of course, that's exactly the same the other way around. If you make emotions into a god and turn your back on logic, you just might as well jump into a swamp and become a frog.

 "The real truth is that the universe is incredibly logical. And it is full of powerful energies AS WELL - those powerful energies are what are causing the side effect of human emotions. You can't understand energy without the feedback device of emotion, and you can't do anything at all if you then don't examine all of this logically and USE IT to make our lives more interesting, learn more about the creative order and our place within that. Most of all, to re-claim our birthrights of intelligence AND emotions to become whole people to whom the world makes sense, where they feel at home - just as the creative which designed us intended in the first place."


Art Solutions

One of the major breakthroughs in 2004 revolved around the concept of "Art Solutions". Struck by the intensity of negativity coming from a reproduction print of Edvard Munch's "The Scream", Dr Hartmann set to work to try out the theories of energy-hard re-unification through the medium of visual art.

"I wondered," she said, "How many people who committed suicide had that print on their walls. I wondered how many would have been able to find a way out of their states of depression and hopelessness if there had been a different picture on the wall."

However, there is the question of rapport. It is well known that someone who is themselves very depressed will choose something like "The Scream" because this feels familiar, it matches their own states of energetic resonance, and in doing so, makes them feel less alone.

"You just can't go round depressed people's houses, take their "Screams" off the walls and put happy flying ducks there instead. They'll hate it and nothing good can come of it," says Dr Hartmann. "But the world of energy once more can give us a solution to the problem of rapport with extremely angry or miserable artists - namely that instead of remaining stuck in the place where you tell everyone how sad you are, you START THERE but then go on to provide a SOLUTION.

"The "Scream" paintings, and of course, scream-style music, drama, theater, sculptures and so on, are so beloved because they are true and they are authentic. They are a description of the artist's true emotions, or their energies if you will, and that makes them highly desirable to those who resonate at a similar level.

"Energy doesn't stay still, not like a hard chair does, or so it seems, and all that we need to do as artists to NOT leave such a legacy of pain and misery oozing from a million unhappy teenager's walls all around the World, is simply to take one further step, namely, to give the solution to the problem."

But how does that work in practice?

Ananga Sivyer, a composer and Ayurvedic Medicine researcher, explains.

"It really is astonishingly simple. Normally, one would have an inspiration or an idea, which is an energy rising that expresses itself in emotions, and of course, the stronger the energy, the more profound and attractive the emotions will be, and regardless of whether they are positive or negative emotions, at that.

"Before I was fortunate enough to be one of the first people to get to try Dr Hartmann's concept, I would then take that exact energy and make it into a composition. It is absolutely true that even thought they were very powerful and very artistic compositions, I was not happy to share these with a wider audience and in hindsight, I recognise that I must have known that these statements of pain in artistic form are not what I want to contribute.

"The way I do it now is to sit down and contemplate the problem, the sadness or the strongest emotion that seeks to be addressed. But then, I take the next step and HAVE MY MUSIC BECOME THE SOLUTION INSTEAD."

This profoundly useful movement, namely to start with the reality of the problem, the very real resonance of the emotional energies, and then to take THAT and present the SOLUTION instead, answers the problem of "rapport mismatch".

Someone who might have been drawn to the scream will still be able to absolutely recognise the starting point but instead of getting stuck there, will be drawn forward, and towards a solution.


A Soaring, Freeing Artistic Experience

Dr Hartmann says, "As a painter, I must admit that this has been the most freeing, soaring artistic experience of my life. To state the problem honestly and have my art become the solution is nothing less than wonderful. There is such an immediate sense of flow - of ideas, of excitement, of energy and inspiration, it is really incredible that this hasn't been done before.

"All the old injuries, all the old screams - they can get a chance at resolution and release. They don't have to be hidden away anymore but you can have them come forward and then resolve them. I'm very aware of my own energy shifts as I am working in this way with the paintings, the grids and the images and it is the most extraordinary and delightful healing I've ever felt. It is by me, through me and the results as well, the finished artwork, is so alive, it dances!"

Ananga Sivyer, who has just completed her first album of Sonic Solutions, entitled, "Here And Now", agrees.

"It was such a rush being able to go towards the solutions than endlessly having to restate the questions, endlessly re-experiencing the same old feelings. These compositions are amazing to myself. I've broken through all kinds of barriers, all kinds of boundaries in the production and creation of the "Here And Now" album - and this is only the beginning!"

What effects do the results of this art healing, the finished paintings by Dr Hartmann and the compositions by Ananga Sivyer have on those who see them, hear them and most importantly, feel them?

The first reaction is always one of surprise and intrigue. Questions are asked. The more energy conscious someone is, the more delighted they are by the levels and depths of these works of art, because form and function are aligned with intent, and with truth in every way.

These are not illusionary "happy" works of art. They are real and yet entirely inspiring, lifting without once denying the truth of their origins, namely what is really like for a human being to live here, how difficult that is when one feels disconnected from the Universe and those around us, and how one may turn it around and seek solutions.

Dr Hartmann says, "I think some people will find our solutions to be their solutions also. But that's not so important to me. I think for many more, many, many more our ATTEMPTS at finding the solutions are the inspiration.

"Yes, we get unhappy. Yes, we have very traumatic memories and things that we find so difficult, we too want to "scream" sometimes. And we admit that to ourselves, enter that in honesty and then seek the solution. I think that's the role model I'm happy to be as the artist, that's the effect I want to have and be remembered for.

"I have been thinking about this, how the Art Solutions are a complete merger of truth, hard reality, science, and art. And I really think that when you have managed to bring art and science back together, what you end up with is real magic."



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© Silvia Hartmann 2003

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