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"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa." Silvia Hartmann 

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The Deluded Ghosties - Are U 4 Real?

Spirit Guides

by Silvia Hartmann

One time, I was stranded in this house in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of the "oh so seriously on the spiritual path". [shudders, then clears trauma swiftly before continuing] ...

One of these was at the time "channelling" some entity with a suitably preposterous name.

As no other entertainment was to be found, it was agreed that we would sit around a table and in the good old teenage "ooh isn't it spooky and scary ..." attitude and listen to the revelations of said entity.

So it started, and it went on and on with "the channel" droning general nonsense and superb violations of not just the meta-model but about everything else that might be of any merit, for at least 182 hours, or so it seemed to me at the time.

Eventually, I could take no more. I stood up for myself and said, "Ok, that's enough of that. Dear entity, where you come from, there probably is no concept of time but you know here there is and being as enlightened as you are, you should actually remember that. So if you have anything of any use to anyone to say, then for the love of God, just bloody say it so we can go and get some dinner here!"

Dreadfully shocked silence instantly fell upon all.

The "entity" refused further communication and of course, much anger was directed towards me from all present.

One woman said, "My spirit guide says that you are a very bad and nasty person."

To which I replied, "And my spirit guide says that your spirit guide sucks!"

The poor woman just went into some form of internal combustion because spirit guides are always right, right? And if she allowed the idea that my spirit guide was either wrong, or, God forbid, that I didn't actually have one and just made that up completely, then the whole other-world-view would of course have to crumble.

So she just developed Apex effect on the whole thing which was rather interesting and did not recall the incident half an hour later when we finally did get some food.

That was one of the many breakthrough convincer experiences I have had in my time of how intensely important it is to safeguard ourselves from the human tendency to fall into total delusion head on, and in doing so, stumble straight past the *real* magic of the universe with all its planes, layers and levels and even including the possibility of *real* entities who actually do have something important to communicate to (hu)mankind.


© Silvia Hartmann 2002

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