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   Dichroic Catalysts - Catalysts For Magic

Part 1:

Origins, Magical Properties

& Care Of Your Dichroic Catalyst

by Silvia Hartmann


4 Dichroic Glass Images Demonstrating Dichroic Iridescence

What is Dichroic glass and where has it come from?

Dichroic glass is a high-tech development from the space industry, first invented to strengthen glass so that astronauts could look out into space by placing a thin layer of various metals inside sheets of glass.

“Dichroic” is defined as the property of having more than one color, especially when viewed from different angles or from transmitted to reflected light.

Dichroic glass is produced by a process called “thin film physics” and is generally referred to as a color separator. It is normally used as an interference filter in scientific measuring or correcting applications. Dichroic glass only became available outside of the scientific community a few years ago.


Why is Dichroic Glass so strikingly beautiful?

Dichroic coatings transmit certain wavelengths of light, while reflecting others, thus creating an interference-effect similar to the iridescence observed in nature’s fire opal, dragonfly wings and hummingbird feathers. Before dichroic color was developed, there was no man made material which possessed true iridescence.

Unlike most objects colors which are created by the use of pigments and dyes, the colors arising from the transmission/reflection separation processes are each of uniform wavelength and thus, they are very pure in frequency, as would be found in a laser beam.


Why is the Dichroic iridescence so impactful on the Human Energy System?

It is the purity of the light as well as the tremendous range of pure colour energy which causes the colours in dichroic glass to be so super intense, and this is what produces powerful emotional and energetic responses.

As the colours are produced as a result of the interactive transmission/reflection process and not because of a fixed pigment, when dichroic glass is viewed at even slightly different angles, the colours change in true iridescence fashion through the range of the rainbow, always retaining that purity and intensity which is the hallmark of the dichroic iridescence.


Why are Dichroics so perfect for Energy Magic?

Each individual piece of dichroic glass is absolutely unique. Although the original dichroic coating is produced under strictly controlled conditions to create these effects, when the coating is melted into the glass, it bubbles randomly and becomes completely unique for each and every piece at that moment.

This structural uniqueness allows for an Energy Magician to work with the dichroic cabochons innate qualities, strengthen and align them, and build from these qualities an absolutely unique broadcasting device that is an existence across the levels - one of the most unique and precious objects available in magic.

The transmission/reflection qualities of the dichroic glass produce an energetic effect of both being able to absorb energy, as well as emit energy from and into itself, thus being able to both remove unwanted energy from the users system, as well as to add new and extra energy which is needed in a highly complex and subtle, yet powerful energetic event.

What is the Dichroic Song?

Each dichroic dabochon has a unique combination of colour and energy emission/absorbtion events within its very structure.

Even as the colours/energies shift and change through the iridescence effect, each piece has therefore its very own song of colours - "the dichroic song" at the core of each one, with the iridescence representing cadences, variations and harmonies on the central theme.

It is that core "dichroic song" of each and every unique piece which calls to a specific human being and how we know who needs which one.


How do you awaken the Dichroic Song?

These catalysts are very specifically made by humans for humans, to aid humans in their personal development. The fact that dichroic glass is man-made sets this intention right from the beginning very powerfully and makes using these catalysts a very different experience than working with natural emitters such as crystals.

Each individual catalyst has been personally activated, named, dedicated and priced one at a time by a member of the Sidereus Team, in keeping with the correct procedure and ceremony for this task, to become a highly specific catalyst for human use in personal development.

During the ceremony, each member of the team of activators chose their own catalysts to bond with, to awaken and to dedicate.

The original activator hand wraps their own catalysts and sends them personally to the new owner of the catalyst. This is a very important part in the energetic process of transferring ownership of this one particular catalyst from this one particular activator to this one particular new owner - a highly individualised process every step of the way.

Once the catalyst is in the hands of the new owner for whom it was destined, it becomes theirs and only theirs, for life.


How do you choose your dichroic catalyst?

It is important to remember that one purchases not a random "one size fits all" energy magic object, but a highly specific energetic entity and energy emitter/absorber which is designed to be the "perfect fit" for the needs of one particular person's energy system.

  • Dichroic catalysts are unsuitable for persons who are unable or unwilling to learn about, understand or work with energetic realities and intention.

An individual choosing a particular activator must do so by feeling an unusually strong attraction to the catalyst. This is a kinaesthetic event, a full body desire, a "choosing of this ONE above all others". Or you could call it "falling in love" with that one specific dichroic catalyst; this is exactly what happens in structure.

You must KNOW that this is the right catalyst for you.


Why can't Dichroics be bought as gifts for another?

We strongly advise against any individual buying a catalyst out of vague curiosity, merely for decoration or as status symbol. In doing so, they would take away someone else's perfect activator and transgress against the principles of Even Flow.

Someone who acquires an activator, should have the strong desire to use it to aid their personal development.

Catalysts cannot be purchased "as a present for another". They must be bought and chosen from the self for the self - they are a present for YOUR soul.

Do not claim a catalyst until you are absolutely sure it is exactly right for you. If you are sure, do so immediately. There cannot be another one exactly like this available at a later date.

How do I care for my Dichroic Catalyst?

- At the physical level, the cabochons are made of glass. They are thereby quite strong and immune to most acids, for example; however they will scratch and may shatter if not treated with the usual respect .

- Unlike crystals, once the catalyst has been through the activation procedure, their identity is set once and for all. They can thereby not be re-programmed, de-programmed or spoilt by the influence of others and have an extremely solid energetic identity.

- We do not recommend turning dichroic catalysts into jewellery. Although this may help to keep them close by, it means that they cannot be handled, held and placed with full flexibility any longer; the restriction of any metal banding also interferes with their very nature. For purely ornamental purposes, dichroic jewellery can be purchased elsewhere.

- Dichroic catalysts are deeply personal and should not be passed on to another unless circumstances are extreme or unusual. If a catalyst is no longer required, it may be given to a river, the sea or otherwise "returned to source" in a suitable ceremony.

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