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A Song For The Soul

Musings On Dichroic Glass, The Human Neurology and The Soul

by Silvia Hartmann

Dichroic Glass Image Demonstrating Dichroic Iridescence

Silvia Hartmann writes: In my NLP training, I often came across the term about something "that makes your neurology sing".

I think that's a fine term and it always made me smile - what makes YOUR "neurology" sing?

The colours of a majestic symphonic sky.

Movement, light.

Wind and purifying rain.

A beautiful young horse, racing across the green, so full of life and full of power.

A beautiful person, music, art, just a moment, the ocean, the night sky, a falling star ...

Yes, they make your neurology sing.

But they make more than that sing, and it isn't just singing.

I believe that these things NOURISH OUR VERY SOUL.

They give us strength, they HEAL US most profoundly and the most extraordinary way.

These things reach us and they touch us, re-connect us to the beauty and the power of the ONE TRUE LIVING UNIVERSE, the endless oceans of energy of which we are a part, to which we belong by all rights, and where we are always welcome, always at home, never alone and always beloved.

By accident, by good fortune, or perhaps by doing the right thing, people invented something that has the power to make your soul sing - dichroic glass.

I love its very genesis.

When the first space ships were leaving our planet's atmosphere for real, the designers wanted to make WINDOWS for the astronauts to look out of.

Do you have ANY idea of just how much more EXPENSIVE this made the construction and design of these first space craft?

A window is a severe challenge to structural integrity, and I wouldn't be surprised that the processes that had to be set in motion so that there could be a few tiny round portholes for the astronauts to look out and SEE that were really in space now cost BILLIONS of dollars.

But whoever that was in charge of the design briefs and the projects, they held firm and INSISTED that there should be windows!

After all, what's the point if you don't have windows?!

You would be in space, inside a cat food can, and you might as well be anywhere at all, for what good it would do you!

So much research was done, and dichroic glass came into being for the very first time EVER, at least on this planet here :-) and it was the first time human kind managed to create something that had true iridescence.

And here we are right now, and we can not only hold the direct descendants of these explorations in our own hands, but they become OUR WINDOW TO THE UNIVERSE - and they make our soul sing.

The purity of their colours, the intensity and the shifting hues - I have never seen a single person, man or woman, old or young, rich or poor who were not INSTANTLY FASCINATED by the dichroic cabochons.

Their eyes widen and you can really see them drink the colours.

They smile, and often they sigh, they relax and they are full of wonder and of questions.

"What IS that? Where did you get it? What is it for?!"

That is a good question.

What ARE the dichroic catalysts for?

I say that they are A PRESENT FOR YOUR SOUL.


A Present For Your Soul

We could go on forever and a day, talking about how the laser pure colours of the dichroics enter into and nourish your energy sytem, your neurology; how you can hold your own fantastic "colour therapist" with all the lights of the living universe right in the palm of your hand; or go into scientific studies about stress release with colour stimulation, creativity enhancement, becoming more intelligent, yada, yada, yada.

That's NOT what these dichroic catalysts are about.

They are about beauty, purity, and that we all LIKE THEM and get something IMPORTANT out of interacting with them, is MORE THAN ENOUGH.

They are a marvellous gift, and I think of this as a reward for those who insisted that the astronauts should see the stars and earth from orbit, and stop counting the pennies!

Things that NOURISH OUR SOUL are priceless.

These dichroics are PRICELESS, absolutely PRICELESS.

They are gifts for the angel child within, they wake it up and bring it INTO OUR REAL LIFE, every single time we think to look at our dichroics, every single time we ALLOW OURSELVES TO BECOME ENCHANTED with these beautiful colours, shifting patterns and richness that is way beyond the most expensive ruby, sapphire or emerald.

For those who understand this, I don't need to say any more, and for those who don't, I don't think there's anything at all I can say to make them understand.

There is more to this life than hardness and every day struggles.

Even if you know it and feel it through and through, it is too easy to forget in a fog of stress and misery and endless rituals and rigmaroles.

The dichroic catalyst in your hand, in your pocket, on your bedside table is a messenger, a metaphor, a carrier that combines the planes, and with their immeasurable beauty, reliably remind us all of the truth of beauty, and of love.


Silvia Hartmann

August 2005



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