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"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa." Silvia Hartmann 

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Wealth With Silvia Hartmann

In my opinion, wealth is a human birthright.

This is a wealthy world, filled to the brim with riches of every kind - and frankly, not a one who is sitting on a 21st century computer, clearly with a roof over their head and access to electricity can complain that they are not wealthy already, right now.


This exact same 21st century world has aspects that have to do with money.

A wealth of money is a wealth, just the same.

Making money is not a crime, contrary to popular belief.

It is a sign that a person has worked out how certain systems work and they are choosing to make these systems work for them.

Then, they take their money and they do things with that money.

A man not so long ago donated a billion dollars to the United Nations.

Another man did a good business deal and bought himself a yacht. He is much happier and his stress levels are right down from what I hear; he's thoroughly enjoying himself after having worked very hard for many decades.

I personally do not believe that you can "give up" anything that you've never had.

A lot of people who simply can't get their heads around the fascinating systems of the material world just chicken out and say, "Oh I don't want any money anyway. I go and join a monastery, they'll feed me for the rest of my life ... I give up my earthly possessions ..."

This is a challenge, to be sure, but if you're really spiritually minded and serious about non-wealth as a spiritual path, then EARN IT FIRST so you've got something to give up when it comes to it, otherwise, frankly, it doesn't count.

I can say that in another way, namely that one should know how to play any game before one is in position to choose not play that.

Attaining wealth is a very cool thing from many different perspectives, and for many different reasons.

In my personal opinion, it is high end personal development challenge that brings together just about everything and demands that it should work together correctly in order to succeed.

That reaches from self esteem, to being able to handle rejection and failure, to making decisions and living the consequences, across to personal actualisation and choices, how we handle power and the lack of it, having our voice be heard, being in a position to bring about change and make real contributions and a million more things besides.

Some say that business is the greatest game on Earth, and I'm inclined to agree with that. There are many other games, on different levels, and some we can play in outer space at that, but in the material world, it is simply the coolest and most fascinating game.

So put down your playstations, turn off the TVs, roll up those meditation mats, roll up your sleeves and take the challenge.

Get wealthy.

It can be done by ANYONE who wants to have a go, and that's a fact.

Wealth is about far more than just money, but it is about that absolutely and as well.

If you'd like to have a go and find out if there's a wealthy person inside, dying to come out, I invite you most sincerely to come join our amazing "60 Second Wealth Creators" course.

It's a really fabulous collection of all kinds of mind, body, spirit and energy techniques to de-stress, to exercise the mind and stretch our aspirations, and you can still join this free of all charges by going to

Go on!

Having your own custom designed Jacuzzi really *is* fun. I promise you that it is. Don't let anyone tell you that it isn't. And that's just ONE of so many things ...

Get rich. Get wealthy. Have a go. It's worth it!

Champagne all around,

Silvia :-)


Silvia Hartmann, 2006


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