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Vampire Solstice -

A NEW Vampire Novel by StarFields

Vampire Solstice Vampire Novel by StarFields

Beautiful and alien - imagine you were going about your daily life, as you always do, and then ...

... you saw something.

You saw SOMEONE.

Someone that made your heart stop, and when it started to beat again, it was racing out of control.

You would start to shake and sweat, and you would be terrified, absolutely terrified that they might disappear, that you would never see them again, and your one true chance for happiness, for change, had gone forever.

Imagine, they would turn and look into your eyes, into your very soul - and they would know you, what you are, and you knew that they might love you ... forever ...


Vampire Solstice is a Vampire Novel you will never forget.

A present for all Vampire lovers:

Vampire Solstice paperback & FREE Altar Ego Vampire Music CD

or buy the even cheaper electronic version for instant download

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Improve psychic skills and paranormal abilities with hypnosis - The Appollonius Quartet by StarFields

NEW! Improve Your Psychic Skills & Paranormal Abilities

... with this UNIQUE and POWERFUL

Metaphysical Energy Hypnosis Programme

 The Appollonius Quartet

Improve Paranormal Abilities - Enhance Psychic Skills - Awaken The Psychic Circuitry

Created by StarFields - Find Out More


Improve Psychic Skills, Paranormal Abiltiies & Restore Your Psychic Circuitry with The Appollonius Quartet


Metasong Metaphysical Poetry & Stories Guardian Appollonius logo

Metasong Metaphysical, Visionary & Shamanic Poem, Story Site Logo

Other Recommended Books & CDs

The following products are all based on true MetaSongs.

They will heal you, entertain you, soothe you, help you change your mind and widen your horizons.

They will challenge you, stretch you, and they will grow with you as they are multi-faceted diamonds which will always reflect you where you are.

Created with immeasurable gentleness, great care and artistry, MetaSong creations are rich and vibrant with information, with experiences and with life.




Magical HypnoDreams

Journey to the furthest reaches, deep inside and up above, far away and home in safety.

Let these journeys gentle you, teach you the arts of mind and trance, of time and space, and in the experience itself, transform your abilities to dream and stream the metasongs of your own soul.

Available on CD from


HypnoDreams Vol. 1 - The Wisdom Of The Water

Magical HypnoDreams - Vol. 1 Teaches Magic Through The JourneyThis fantastic collection of journeys will activate your psychic circuitry and it will teach you movements and abilities which are crucial to all parapsychological endeavours - lucid trance states, sweeping visuals, autogenic movements, shamanic identification and that is just the beginning.

You can use this to control your mood, to rest and heal, but most of all, to start the reconnection process to your own energy mind in love, care, safety and harmony.


More Information About HD1


HypnoDreams Vol. 2 - Heart Healing

Magical HypnoDreams - Heart Healing Healing The Broken HeartWhen the heart of energy, the lion heart, shines brightly, all things are as they should be.

This is a course in Energy Magic to heal the scars of old and get us ready to travel amongst the stars and bright dimensions towards our own personal freedom and immortality.

Heal the broken heart and come to life again, come to the celebration of life and understand that you are PRECIOUS way beyond the scope of words.

Therein lies YOUR magic.

* Heart Healing is especially recommended for those who were abused as children and now have trouble with their magic because their psychic circuitry was damaged back then and needs to be repaired on that level.

More Information About Heart Healing


HypnoDreams Vol. 3 - Freedom

Magical HypnoDreams - Freedom For Soaring FlightThe concluding arc in the HypnoDreams Trilogy, Freedom is when we have gone beyond healing and fear, and we move on to creativity and creating our own futures, free from the past, and with all the worlds and possibilities at our fingertips.

Freedom contains high psychic circuitry repair devices and much more than that, is specifically designed to nourish and GROW the psychic circuitry, which has always been neglected and maltreated by sheer ignorance in this disturbing world.

Freedom is a fantastic, soaring flight into magic that gets more profound and stronger with each time you engage with it.

More Information About Freedom


HypnoSolutions HypnosisIntroducing The ExtraOrdinary:

HypnoSolutions TM

HypnoSolutions are THE most direct and powerful remedies for psychic circuitry repair and malfunction available on this planet today.

Created by the Art Solutions TM metasong process, this box of magic is literally priceless.

Save a FORTUNE on tranquilisers, psychics and tarot readings, counsellors, headache pills and instead, you will have at your disposal a set of magic potions in sounds and visions that will TRANSFORM your experience of life, right here, right now.

Most practical and MOST MAGICAL one and the same, these HypnoSolutions are truly out of this world.

Compatible with all spiritual belief systems and containing the remedies for fear, anxiety, bereavement, depression, bad luck, love pain, emotional scarring and more, this is a MUST HAVE for any human being's medicine chest in the world today.

HypnoSolutions Further Information


In Serein

Extreme Magical Fiction

Hypnotic, exciting, enchanting, frightening - In Serein is all of these things and many more besides.

Take a deep adventure in love, magic and destiny!


In Serein

First Edition

Published by DragonRising - Click HERE To Order


This is what created MetaSong:

One Book, One Thousand Lifetimes Worth Of Creativity

The Magical Project Sanctuary - The Best Book In The World?

Project Sanctuary

There is not enough you can say about this extraordinary book - it is a true breakthrough on every level and the key to understanding dreams, fantasy, imagination and creativity.

Get up close and personal with the metaphysical realms and PLAY.

From channeling to past life regression, from meeting with aliens to flying with angels, from having affairs with spirit guides to creating magical gardens, cities, worlds upon worlds so filled with treasure and excitement, this is the most fantastic toy chest for any human being trying to evolve.

All the poems and stories here were directly created through Project Sanctuary, and that has to be recommendation enough.

If you only ever buy a single book in a lifetime, make sure it is PROJECT SANCTUARY!

For more information, visit the Project Sanctuary Website

Discover The Power Of

The Genius Symbols by StarFields

A divine set of 23 power symbols that are easy to use for:

  • divination
  • healing
  • exploration
  • answering questions
  • solving problems
  • future prediction
  • distance viewing
  • spiritualism
  • contacting Higher Powers

... and for improving YOUR magic skills and abilities across the board.

****** Here are 6 of the 23 symbols. See if you can guess what these symbols stand for, without EVER having read or heard the first explanation:

Genius Symbols

The Genius Symbols are NATURAL symbols - they are easy to understand, easy to remember, and you can start using the Genius Symbols RIGHT AWAY.

  • Even a child or a person from a stone age culture past or present would understand these symbols - they are meaningful and ACCESSIBLE to HUMANS in general.

Try a single symbol reading online here - Find out more - Order the Instruction Manual Here


News of other extraordinary things - Coming Soon.

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A call for help to all vampire lovers!

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