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Hypnosis Article


Hypnosis 101

How To Learn The Skills To Use Trance States To Your Advantage

by Silvia Hartmann


I was considering creating a series of "exercises" to teach some basics, such as internal representations, trance movements and such, so that users of Project Sanctuary would be able to have more full on, autogenic full body experience FUN within their PS habitats.

I made a note of that intention, and also that I found it hard to motivate myself to do that, even though there would be a big and ready made "market" for such a product.

An enquiry on the PS list cleared my mind and allowed me to see just why I didn't want to make such a product.

Here is the message, and my response:


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SF wrote:

> > So this morning I sighed and thought that I should sit down with a mike and recorded a set of seven or so basic, super basic exercises folk can do if they want to make it all far more autogenic and real - that's when the fun really starts. > >

Have you (or are you) making these available, yet?

I inquire as I have recently been on a very tiring business trip where I really needed the autogenics for aid/stress relief and discovered that I needed help under those conditions. I really could have used something to augment my normal imagination and senses.

As a result, I didn't get the help from PS that I sometimes get... and REALLY needed.

Any help available?

Trancey waves,

John S.



Hi John,


Wow. I'd quite forgotten about that. How weird.

Well not really. Even at the time I didn't like it.

It sounds "reasonable" but it sort of isn't in the spirit of what I do and how I do things. It smacks of dusty school rooms and treadmills, if you know what I mean.

And just because people *think* it would be good for them because they are entrained to think that way of suffering and it would be very easy to ride in on the back of that, I STILL don't like it and want no part of it, to be honest.

Also and in hindsight, I really don't think you could make a better "Hypnosis skills 101 trainer" than HD1, The Wisdom of the Water, if you TRIED.

Wisdom has a collection of journeys that take one through the most extraordinary range of skills and states along the way.

And that's just a *side effect* of what is going on so one is learning these things through the experience of them.

Just a few things off the top of my head include:

  • Trance (Shamanic) Identification (the water journey) with all its many energy/state shifts;
  • OBE/PSI/3rd Eye Activator (Ice River)
  • Far Journeys Loci/States Immersion (Star Fall)
  • Energy Awareness (Oceans)
  • High States Overview Travelling/Timeline Movements (Darling)
  • Aphasia and Mid Range Journeying, Aphasic Transformations (Treasures)

But of course, there's SO VERY MUCH MORE going on there; the structure and order of states and internal reps called for across the board as you go through each one is a major trip. The sequence of trance depths and what you find there, too.

Wisdom of the Water is the equivalent of taking a kid to see a premium production of a Shakespeare play to have them get an idea of what you can do with language, history, experience, observation, movement, colour, morality, and and and and and, rather than sitting them down in a corner with an A is for Annie Apple book, if you know what I mean.

They come away from it perhaps not immediately being able to now go : haahaaappppaaalelelleleleeeeehhh ... but fuck, what they've learned is just LIGHT YEARS beyond such baloney.

There is no doubt in my mind that by playing the HypnoDreams we've made, I INVENTED as TOOLS for MY PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, let's be honest here, I've created a teaching/learning device that has MASSIVELY increased my understanding and abilities of trance and what you can do with autogenics.

This also answers the practicality of it - like your stress relief travel experience. When I'm too freaked out to get to the trance states I need, I simply use HDs to *take me there*, CDs at one point, now using the Ipod.

Every time they *take me there*, *I* get to learn more about how to get there and how that works, and as well from all sorts of different starting points, that's important, like rage, total despair, physical pain, overfreaked insomniac tired, distressed, bored to screaming pitch, what have you.

It's a double thing. You get the instant state shifts but the experience is GENERATIVE - you learn how to do it. HOW to do the state movements.

And another thing.

When I listen these days to Wisdom, or should I say, when I *do* Wisdom or parts thereof or sequences constructed to my liking from the components, mix'n'match, what I get to see, feel, think, experience is ON ANOTHER PLANET, PLANE of existence to what it used to be when first I made them.

I used to love them, but now, they totally blow me away.

I get in there, and I can touch EVERYTHING, feel it, taste it, it's A-MAZING.

So, that's what that is.

I've already done "Hypnosis 101" and it's called HypnoDreams Vol.1, The Wisdom Of The Water!

Do those tracks for a month with the clear intention to get EVERYTHING from them you can get, and you won't recognise your abilities, thoughts, levels of sheer lucidity after.

Carry them around and let them help you get out of misery states and you learn HOW it is done, how YOU do that and how quickly it can be done if you just know where you want to go.

Thank God I finally got clear on that one and can leave the "Annie Apple" rubbish where it belongs!

Bright rushing morning winds,


Silvia xxx


Silvia Hartmann

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