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 NLP Hypnosis Script by Silvia Hartmann

Loops Within Loops Training Exercise


Multiple Loops For Extra Deep Trance -

Inductions Within Inductions

“Going Home”

This type of nested or looped induction is good for people who think too much, think very quickly, or have been to far too many new age workshops. It is expressly not good for people with phobias of water or heights (so do make sure you know what your client is like before you start!).

This whole script is a set of simple looped inductions which follow one upon the next. Watch out for the core part; more or more specific instructions, including amnesia if required, can be inserted there.

This script works by inducing trance not once, but repeatedly; each induction is ANOTHER induction, so wherever they are when you start the next one, they must go deeper, higher, further, on each loop.

I've set the first induction out like a poem, with line breaks; this is to help create the rhythm that in time with your breathing gently helps the client drift away.


Pre-Induction Set up:

We, you and I both, are going to go on a very special journey this night.

A journey of transformation, of relaxation and of new discoveries
about our selves
that will lead to profoundly gentle changes
in the hours, days, and weeks that follow.

Are you ready to begin?

Good, and just before you start
to have yourself be deeply comfortable and at ease,
I'd just like you to know that wherever we go,
you are protected,
and no matter where or when we go,
you will always hear the sound of my voice
so you can know
that I'm right here, beside you.

First Induction:

Take a deep breath and in your mind,
meet me at the starting point of our journey,
in a grassy field that's not unlike
an old fashioned landing strip for aeroplanes.
Only there's no planes here,
no hot air balloons,
nor even giant birds or dragons
upon whose backs you could climb
and ride into the clear blue sky so far above
for we don't need them, for today
we'll learn to fly all by ourselves,
and it's not the kind
of rushing, whooshing energetic flying
like superman but rather,
we'll tune into the tides of universe
and we will find the patterns that support us,
little updrafts,
small uplifting winds of energy
that you can now begin to feel
tingling in your fingertips and in your toes
and spreading through your body as your body
resonates and begins
to respond with recognition
for we have been here before so many times, so many times:
it's just that in our waking state we can't remember all we know
but now you can remember how to rise
and let yourself be lifted
by those winds, by those tides
and how to ride them, let them guide you, raise you,
lift you up, and you are so amazed to find how easily
you are supported and how light you have become
and how easily this can be done
and as you rise a
little just at first, a little nervously,
and as you rise some more
and as you realise how easy this is and how familiar
we both begin to rise and fly towards the clouds above.

Second Induction

The air feels fresh
and sparkling on your face
and on your head and back you feel the sun.
Above us are bright white clouds
they look solid and real but soon enough
as we rise gently higher, higher and higher still,
so high that we might touch the clouds they dissipate
into a brilliant white mist of swirling patterns,
and it's a little cooler here and a little moisture
you can sense in your mouth and throat,
and on your forehead, on your hands
that reach and stretch up and beyond, up,
and beyond, higher and higher still
and at last, we break through into
the most sparkling sunshine and a sky of jade blue
so intense it sends a shiver through your body
with it's power and its beauty.

Below us the clouds seem solid once more,
a gentle carpet so soft that you could sleep in it forever
in comfort and in pleasure, but
with rising excitement we fly higher,
and higher still, until we see
in the distance a castle in the air.

The sunshine reflects off its golden spires
and the jade blue sky reflects
of its pure white walls,
and as we draw nearer and nearer,
we can see the banners waving in the breeze
and high above, we can see the courtyard
with its sparkling fountains and its magic lake.

Third Induction

Feeling for the currents in the air
that will allow us to circle lower,
and lower, in gentle spirals
going down
toward the courtyard grassy green
and clear and open beckoning,
we descend gently, gently and steadily,
put out a foot and jump!
the last few inches to the soft and velvety close cut grass.

It is very still, and very quiet,
you can just hear our breath
and the slow and steady beating of our hearts
and the water sounds from the fountain.

There's no-one else here.

The castle has been waiting for us
for a long, long time to start and go to the magic lake.

It looks like water yet quite unlike water
for it is somehow lighter and somehow different,
and you put at first a testing fingertip into it,
then your whole hand
as you feel its clean and cleansing energy
so fresh, so delightful,
yet warm and welcoming and you step into magic lake

and right away begin to float and swim
and splash like a dolphin and it is as though
the magic water takes away all your cares,
and your worries, even those
that were tucked away right at the back of your mind,
even those you didn't know you had
and those you had long forgotten about.

Fourth Induction

You take in a deep breath
and you dive under the water,
and as you do you become aware
of a golden light from below
and you know that the reason for this journey
lies at the bottom of this enchanted lake.

You rise to take another breath,

deep and fulfilling,

slow and steady,
and let yourself drift into
the depths of the lake
and it is easy, you swim lightly
and with power towards the source
of the light,
deeper and deeper within,
as it gets brighter and brighter the deeper you swim

you break through the surface a
nd you are in another place,
another space,
another time quite unlike
all the others.

Fifth Induction

You step from the lake,
and you look around.
All you can see is the most wonderful colours,
colours that sing to you and welcome you home,
musical notes that turn to stars
that touch you lightly and send shivers
of pleasure and of wonder
through your body
and your mind.

You become aware of your wet clothes
and you take them off,
and as you do,
with each piece of clothing
a little something shifts deep inside you,
and a little more of what you thought that you were,
and that what you thought you were supposed to be,
is laid away as you put
your clothes one by one
to the velvet ground of deepest blue
by the side of the lake.

And it feels so good,
so good to be free of these restrictions,
and a spark of insight enters your mind
and so you go inside
and you lay down the next layer
of what you were told you were, your role in a gender,
the title you have,
your achievements and your failures,
and you lay them all
by the side of lake
one by one
on to the velvet ground of deepest blue.

Core Induction

And finally,
you lay down all your decisions,
your values,
your memories,
your injuries, your hurts and your pains,
and all your time now and your time before,
and finally, and as the last
you lay down your name
by the side of the lake
on to the velvet ground of deepest, deepest blue
and as you do so,
you finally remember about were you are,
and who you are,
and how you are
a part of all of creation,
a golden spark of wonder
and of consciousness amidst a realm
where all is love,
and all is god
and all time has been and is as one,
and all is quiet,
all is love.

This is your home,
this is our home,
this is the beginning and the end as well,
and this is who
and what you are.


Remain here.
Remember to bring
what you know here
with you
on all levels,
in all ways
and have it be open
and remembered
as the part of you
and who and what you really are.

Close Induction 5

And finally you regain your shape,
more glowing and profound
than ever it was, more sparklingly alive in every way,
in every cell,
in every atom,
every molecule
for you have
this home within you
and that is
the joy
and the understanding
as you turn to take back
that of your identity
which reflects who you are in truth.

Every item you take back
is cleaned and cleansed and new
and bright, and all feels right
as you take back your name,
who you are in this life time,
your responsibilities
and your joys and ambitions,
your achievements and your learnings,
your successes and your loves.

Close Induction 4

You look around one more time,
and ready and willing,
you jump into the enchanted lake and
swim towards the light at the bottom,
and surface in the courtyard
where I waited for you and
I laugh with delight
as I see how much happier you are,
how much more radiant and how much
more you.

Close Induction 3

Together, we bless the castle with love
and rise lightly and powerfully up
and away,
higher and higher still
and further towards now,
until the castle can no longer be seen
at the distant horizon.

Swooping laughingly towards the bright white clouds
under the jade blue sky with the sun
bright and warm on our backs, ...

Close Induction 2

... we dive into the clouds,
into the misty moist coolness
and we break through and to the gentler light below,
the light of here and now,
and there's the landing place of soft green grass ...

Close Induction 1

.... and the closer and lower we are getting,
the more you are becoming aware of
the here and now,
the where we left,
the where we are,
and your conscious mind begins
to rouse and
start to think once more,
thinking differently for sure,
and when your feet will touch the ground,
you will have returned from the journey,
remembering that what you need to remember,
feeling absolutely brilliant, energised and positive,
different in so many ways,
as you return to your body here in this place
now as I count down the landing time from 5 to 1.


Wake Up Call

5 - Nearly there, brighter and wider awake …

4 - moving your fingers and wriggling your toes…

3 - beginning to stretch and be fully awake …

2 - begin to open your eyes gently to the here and now…

1 - Welcome Home!

© Silvia Hartmann 1997

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