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HypnoDreams, Hypnosis, Voice & Energy

Original Introduction To 1998 HypnoDreams Manual & Script Book (Out Of Print)

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Welcome to HypnoDreams - A Different Kind Of Hypnosis ...

This is a collection for advanced hypnotherapists and those who wish to stretch their model of what hypnosis can do, or what hypnotic inductions should feel, sound, read or look like.

Or, for that matter, what effects they may have on someone’s neurology.

The inductions, if we wish to call them such, or “guided journeys” or “guided meditations” here are obviously not what you would choose if you wish to utilise classical hypnosis to stop smoking or stop eating blue cheese by the bucket load at 11.30pm at night.

In a way, they might come under the heading of recreational hypnosis; many people use hypnosis tapes and CD’s in that way, just to take a break from reality every so often and experience expanded state of mind without having to resort to damaging drugs.

Indeed, HypnoDreams might come under a great many headings but where they derive from in truth is from the Sidereus model of what hypnosis actually is and how it may be understood in a different way, utilising a different underlying paradigm of mind, energy and interaction as is usually employed.

This is not the time nor the place to go into the ins and outs of this; suffice to say at this point that HypnoDreams, if delivered like a standard hypnotic induction or guided journey, will work nicely to induce quite unusual states of trance and that they have numerous benefits for the users built in; these may be somewhat more subtle than you might be used to with classic guided meditations, or a little more consciously inaccessible than NLP type inductions but I think you will find out what they are in due course J.


1/2 The Structure of HypnoDreams Energy Hypnosis

What happens when poetry meets hypnotic inductions?

You get a wonderful blend of trance and enchantment with positive benefits built in.

Far more fun to listen to, and it widens the scope for people's internal representations. It is also pretty trance inducing to put in lines like, "a cascade, tumbling charge of energy" instead of just saying, "and you can feel the energy build up". I guess this is so because in poetry, you purposefully cross reference modalities and concepts that are not normally associated with one another, as would be the case in terms such as "no matter how sweet the morning, or how colour blessed the night" – that’s bordering on aphasia and has wonderful scope for both very deep trance and new neurological connections.

Poetry has permission to do as it pleases with the order of words, with grammatical structure, with word creations and without violating anyone’s expectations or entrainments with school grammar rules. This is an important point, more so for older people or those who have spend a great deal of time in so called educational institutions.

Another thing that poetry brings to hypnotic inductions is the emphasis on rhythm.

Although monotone can produce trance quite rapidly, using rhythmic pulses of speaking gives a great deal of flexibility over the internal states the client experiences. As a good and effective sense of rhythm is about the hardest thing to teach to hypnotherapists, I have found it very useful to lay out inductions just as though they were long poems, with line breaks and section breaks. This makes it easier to read them, easier to understand them, and easier to reproduce them too if necessary.

Lastly, when you get poetic, you can really supercharge your metaphorical abilities.

Especially when working with people who have already done quite a bit in the way of personal development, when the metaphors are too obvious, trance is difficult to come by, nor is it easy to "just go with the flow".

Thinking poetry helps bring one up short when the more obvious and vastly overused metaphorical alignments threaten to emerge: hot as the sun, cold as ice, sweet like honey etc. It has been heard so many times, it's hardly impactful any more, and of course, when writing poetry you wouldn't dream of using these kinds of stale expressions and one would try to come up with something more meaningful, something more impactful, something more use-full instead.


1/3 How To Use The HypnoDreams Hypnosis Script Manual

Well, you could read it. Or use it to balance your virtual coffee table if one leg is too short!

But seriously now, I hope that you will take the time to make yourself a tape of one or two of your favourite inductions, or the ones that really resonate with you, the ones where you can "feel" that they would be right for you*.

*And, this is important, remember that this is probably context and time specific to your life. In three weeks from now, a different induction will catch your interest, because you are having different issues to deal with from those you are dealing with now. Revisit with this manual again at intervals. I promise you it will read completely different each time, as different aspects will become important to you.

I would recommend that you read a HypnoDream or two out aloud at some point. They are meant to be spoken, not read. Even if you do not intent to use them and have just acquired this manual out of interest or to see what I’m getting up to these days, have a go. When you do this, imagine there is a person in front of you. Wrap them in your words and have your voice contact them directly, using your voice as a transmission device or, if you will, the carrier wave for all that the HypnoDream entails.

If you are relatively new to trance or find it not easy to slip into deeply altered trance states as soon as you’ve decided to yet, you can put a set of content free breathing exercises or a countdown* or something of that nature in the front of the HypnoDream, and a sharper wake up call at the end. I have left them usually rather ambiguous so that you can play them and just go on to sleep afterwards because that’s my favourite modus operandi with hypnosis tapes in general.

* I personally prefer a “count up” to more extra-ordinary trance states of mind and being, “rising higher and reaching a new threshold of clarity and tranquillity as each number steps up to the next”. I don’t need a count up or such like thing these days but it’s a cool thing with clients. As when you go upwards rather than down there is no end limit, you can just go on until they’re drooling, whether it’s at 21 or at 134, it matters not J. Of course, in general and if you’re good you don’t need that at all, but every so often you get “the one” so I thought I’d mention it J.


1/4 How To Make Your Own Hypnosis Recordings

Pick your HypnoDream.

Print it out, or better still, copy it out by writing it out yourself. Make any minor changes to the script during this process so everything feels right and appropriate and absolutely perfect to you in all ways. What you should not change, however, is the use or purpose of the particular script as described in "Notes". The uses are built into virtually every word of the script, and if you were to put conflicting instructions into the centre part, the HypnoDream would not work properly any more.

Read the script through a number of times to familiarise yourself with the rhythm and the layout and the stages of the induction, both leading into trance, the centre pieces, and to lead out again. Please note that all of these inductions have steps down into trance instead of a classic relaxation; this saves time and can make the experience deeper faster, plus it alleviates the problem that you fall asleep instead of experiencing hypnosis which is far more fun.

The next thing is to pick some music if you are intending to use music. Make sure the piece in question is long enough to cover the time of the induction and that it fits in with the mood of the induction. Play the music and check your feelings when it has been playing for a while. Some pieces of new age music are subtly depressing, some pieces of baroque music have definitely been written by someone who was very sad* indeed at the time (the Adagio in GMinor springs to mind!).

Sad* music (which means music written by people who were sad, or any music that makes YOU feel sad) is not, and I repeat NOT suitable for playing during a hypnotic induction. If you're not sure about music, just leave it out. This will make it also easier to pace your speaking to start with, and it's easier to get a usable recording pretty much right away. Once you have your first tape and your first experience with being guided into hypnosis by your own voice, I bet you'll be ready for more, and as in all things, the next tape you make will be more professional as you get more used to the processes involved.

* Sad = An unresourceful, low energy trance state, usually containing collapsed gestalts of many different low energy states and accessible from numerous entry places. Often confused because of its inward turning and low energy nature with meditative states and relaxation. On the high end, this state is termed “depression”.

If you haven't access to a special effects studio, doing the recording in an echoful part of your house (my conservatory has fantastic acoustics) can lead a little alienation to your voice which can help make the process more interesting. You can also play with things like placing the microphone into a bowl, covering it with a thin piece of gauze, and of course different positions regarding to where your voice is coming from. There's many ways to have some fun and create some interesting effects even with the cheapest of portable tape recorders.

Lastly on the subject of making yourself a hypnosis tape, remember they are for your personal use only so if you don't get it perfect right away, no-one will know. And, of course, if you wish to make professional tapes and sell them, please remember to write your own inductions, because mine are copyright protected and licensed for your personal use and use with clients only :-). However, I will most likely give you permission just for the asking and an honourable mention in return.


1/5 Notes On The Hypnotic Voice

Voice is the instrument upon which these hypnosis inductions are played. You play them on a kettle drum or a dental drill and I promise you, they are going to be bloody painful and a most nasty experience, no matter how smart the words or good my intentions in writing them.

Rule No 1 of voice is this: If you think your voice sucks big time when you hear it played back to you from a tape recorder, it probably does. Don’t fool yourself or try and slither out of it any old way. If you sound like Kermit the Frog, no-one, but no-one, is going to take your hypnotic inductions seriously, including your self when you them back to your self.

However, if this happens to be your experience when you hear your voice on a tape, there is no reason to run off into a corner and cry about it. There is much that can be done.

Firstly and foremostly, voice is state. It IS state. It’s nothing else. Your voice control and your state control are absolutely one and the same thing and don’t let anyone, no matter how highly paid, tell you anything to the contrary. Our ears and bodies (for they pick up the kinaesthetic vibrations of voice) are fantastic measuring instruments and we are simply never fooled at the gut level about someone’s intentions and states of being, no matter how practised they may be (think oily snake salesman there!). Great liars, con artists, actors and politicians enter the state they wish to project before proceeding to open their mouths so that their intended victims and targets get a sense of deep congruency and believability.

Do something to prove this to yourself. Record yourself reading something out loud or just speaking out and stick a needle in your thumb whilst keeping the words going, or stroke yourself a little and spot the difference.

If you truly hate your own voice, this will reflect in your voice when you speak because of minute contortions and restrictions in ten thousand different muscles, sinews and tissues from your mouth via your neck to your chest and so on and so forth.

I might suggest you use EFT to work on that, it’s rapid and successful and give you access to more range. Singing lots (lots!) out loud, and allowing yourself to really have a go at pitches that are indeed way too high and way too low and failing miserably J is also a good voice flexor for hypnotists (but not for opera singers for they are looking for something else entirely). Recording this and getting to a point where you can see the funny side is a good personal developer.

A good delivery tip is to drop off the consonants as much as you can and still remain fairly understandable; this is essential with S and C sounds, and K’s in order to not create a zzzzzz effect in the listener’s ears and keep them nice and wide open (think of your graphic equaliser. When it goes in the red, automatic recording devices turn the sound down in response. Our heads do that for us, too!)

Lastly, learn to listen, really, really listen to people’s voices. How they break and get ragged when emotions are present. How they pitch higher and sharper in anger and aggression. What is pleasant and what is unpleasant. What sounds sincere to you and what makes your skin crawl. Download some excellent speakers from Napster and singers too and really listen to them, try and copy them, women and men, for your vocal flexibility. Don’t just copy their tones but their inflections and breathing patterns.

Voice is much, much more than people think it is. It is an amazing device. Any time you spend developing it a little and getting it to come alive and start to dance is time most profitably spent and will certainly be rewarded in many situations, from soothing a new lover to impressing the bank manager with your sincerity.


1/6 Mental Self Hypnosis

Something you might like to try is to read the induction through just before going to sleep. As an advanced application, hear it being read by a speaker you know well. That’s a nice effect once you get the hang of it J.

Then turn off the light, and remember it - not so much the words, but the progression of events that took place during the journey (there is always a progression of events J). You might fall asleep partway through, but that's fine. It is always interesting to note what happens in your dreams, and how any dreams you might remember reflect on the subjects of the journey.

For more inner exploration using symbols and metaphors, please refer to "Project Sanctuary" or if you are seriously esoterically inclined, try and find out something about Sidereus, which allows you to do a great many things using your imagination you might not have thought of to attempt before (see Resources).


1/7 A Brief Note On Hypnotic Symbols & Metaphors

You might be familiar with the notion that the sequence and order of internal representations creates states and produces learning and resonance.*

What we have in HypnoDreams is using metaphors and symbols for their energetic content in a most deliberate order, shape and form. This is not as quite as easily trackable as you can with words because what these symbols and metaphors stand for are energetic states, entities and fields which are in connection with one another and create a resonance in the corresponding states, entities and fields that exist in the listener and re-arrange them and their inherent pathways of connection.

You can look at it like this. The words used in HypnoDreams are containers for the metaphors which are containers for the energetic states. There is not a directly mappable cause and effect (although, of course, there is a cause and effect, only not quite as Aristotelian as we usually process such things).

However, you need not worry about any such concerns in the context of using HypnoDreams for relaxation, support or recreational trances.


Hypnosis Scripts To Energy Flow - A Word For The Road

I’m not a lady hypnotist.

I’m much more than that, namely a Story Teller.

That is an ancient meta discipline which although it has hypnosis as one of the subdivisions in it, is very much more than that. If you are a professional hypnotherapist, I would have thought that you’re at the point now where you throw out the script books and start making your own contributions. It is my supposition that what we actually do is to align people’s energy systems through the combined medium of our rapport, state control, vocal pulses and that is, above and beyond, the pictures we paint in the sequence we create them in.

Hypnosis scripts are a step stone towards mastery. They are the training wheels on the bike. When they come off, you’re really ready to go.

The HypnoDreams Scripts Book is not about the inductions themselves but designed to give you some ideas, spark some things and also, to give you permission to go as crazy as you want to with what you do with people’s internal representations.

Aphasia rules KO!


Silvia Hartmann


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